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  1. Aww yiss this new forum software is the same as the one my other favorite forum uses. Getting used to this will be quite simple for me personally.
  2. Today I had a dream that the new release eggs (yep the eggs themselves) had a summon-esque BSA that fused individual sets of them into a teaser video for a new Street Fighter game. I think I watched too much Vinesauce before going to sleep.
  3. Your art is absolutely delightful, omg. I'd love to see an adult female Antarean in your style. I could try to breed you pretty much anything from my scroll in return.
  4. Today I had a dream that I was at school and TJ, who was a teacher at the school for some reason, walked up to me and asked me if I could sprite an egg for an abandoned dragon request. It was some kind of eastern that I don't remember the details or colors of. Clearly I need to sprite an eastern now, don't I.
  5. Happy birthdayyyyyyy ./rides around on the hype train
  6. Doom (i assume we're talking D2016) is technically an id Software game (Bethesda only published it iirc) but I voted for it anyway because it's glorious.
  7. I got bored of my Sammy Hayden avatar (how dare i get bored of sammy) so I made myself a robot antarean. Circuitry included.
  8. I have some......... very questionable fictional crushes at times. This is one of those times. A few days ago I saw an ad on my way to therapy and it all went downhill from there. Didn't even color this in because it'd be immediately obvious (not that it's not obvious already) who it is (aside from me on the left of course) and I'd be ashamed of myself. click this right here because mild romance hints warning? i guess?? just in case I also hate drawing hands as you can see.
  9. Thanks. c: I wasn't sure if color changing would be an unfair advantage. I tinkered with the colors and it's much more bearable now.
  10. Are stylish scripts allowed on the forums? I would like to customize the colors of the forums because they burn my eyes when I lurk them at night.
  11. All of my eggs are references this year as usual because I'm trash. This egg is kind of obscure, it was meant to reference a pickup in one of the levels in Jazz Jackrabbit but I recolored it to be more orange because I like orange. This egg started off as a simple Doomslayer helmet from Doom 2016 but then I decided to recolor it to resemble the skin I use in classic Doom multiplayer. This egg is just Sammy Samuel Hayden from Doom 2016 but with red lights to symbolize Argent Energy.
  12. Happy Easter \o/ Also yay first page I can't wait for people to not understand my references yay
  13. I was bored and made a sprite. It's a bit too big for DC so I'm just posting it here.
  14. Just slap some color on an unfinished sketch and call it a day, that's what I do.
  15. Already posted this on tumblr, but: Learning how to draw the Doomslayer. Also this brush is the best brush.
  16. "Lugiastorm" I know it's because it's a GoN, but I'm just envisioning a storm of Lugias, rofl.
  17. I listen to a bunch of obscure (though quite popular in the Doom community) MIDI artists, namely James Paddock and Eris Falling. Don't get put off by the fact that it's MIDI, their music is serious and pretty dang good.
  18. I wish I could've contributed to this fogwall. Oh well. At least I have more fogs to expand my own hoard.
  19. Malcorium

    Flight Rising

    Switched back to Plague after a vacation in Lightning, and changed my username accordingly. I am now Doomslayer. Heck yes. Also got some garbage to sell on page 4 if anyone wants to take a look. Willing to haggle but won't go under 5k for a single derg.
  20. Nah I just patched four screenshots together. I don't think splitscreen is even possible in the game ;p
  21. Corruptions are life. I should record my doom.exe corruptions someday. I also corrupted Duke Nukem 3D some time ago:
  22. I stream very rarely (i'm super self conscious about my voice and performance) but I do enjoy watching streams. Mostly Vinesauce and a few other streamers, one of which is mostly inactive now (but I still rewatch his archived streams all the time). From Vinesauce, my favorite streamers are Joel, Vinny, Limes and Rev.
  23. About to jump back into my first game slot in DOOM 2016. I've already finished the campaign so now I'm just replaying levels, maxing out everything, getting all the secrets I missed and generally having fun.