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  1. For all your viewing pleasures, here's a "rejected" "sprite update". Meet 💪 CHAD MINT 💪
  2. the best sprite update evr 💯
  3. @Cyberr Aww thank you ‹3 Don't worry, one day you might just as well get in cave. Just gotta practice a whole lot :3 I've been doing art shenanigans for all my life and I'm still learning new things every day, both in pixel art and otherwise. Also I made a new OC, basically a rave mode MAL-32 fused with the aesthetics of Samuel Hayden from Doom 2016 and the cool new robo angel boyes from Doom Eternal. I call her Mal'kyr which itself is like a triple layered reference. She might look majestic but she's a walking floating meme hyperfusion who talks mostly in slightly altered GLaDOS quotes and her battle theme would be a Mick Gordon rendition of Megalovania, or rather, VEGAlovania. At least she has a nice voice (read: my voice with a million filters on it to make a heaven robot aesthetic). also it's my headcanon that she's the robotization of a self insert oc from my doom fanfics that i cannot show
  4. Aw yis, HL squad assemble ‹3 I'm extremely overjoyed that the series finally got another game from Valve, but disappointed cuz I can't play it. My parents don't want me to get VR :,) oh well, I'm gonna see if I can somehow watch somebody else's playthrough with my eyes crossed or something. Also very happy about Black Mesa (the HL1 fan reimagining) going out of beta. Still have yet to get through Xen myself but I've already watched several playthroughs and lemme just say, while I loved Xen in the original (mostly from an aesthetics standpoint) i LOOOOVE the iteration of Xen in BMS. Can't wait to play it but I've been so preoccupied with playing so many other games and I wanna record my Xen experience for the playthrough series I'm workin on. Anyway whoops sorry for rambling, I just love HL a lot and apparently 4 AM me recedes back into 2014 when my obsession was the strongest :,)
  5. me: "im gonna do some work today and definitely not hyperfocus on something else" also me, after one energy drink, at least 3 8 hours, an uncertain amount of daft punk songs on autoplay, and no dinner sleep cuz it's 4 AM now: (click for full 2000x2000 glory) Pictured: Mal Morphix (a shameless self insert who's way cooler than me) and Spike (a MMI/NEoS RAD-64 security unit). Not pictured: a crate which Mal Morphix is probably standing on cuz she's like 5 feet tall and Spike is 7' but i wanted to get em both into the frame yknow.
  6. she ate a lizard and turned around with this face
  7. Aw yis came home just in time to see my fabulous wall ✨
  8. The adults are perfect. Thank u Cortie and Spatio, and as for the latter, welcome to the art squad <3
  9. I'm Storm-addicted and, quite obviously, an Antarean adorer. Can't resist Lihnseyre noodles either ;3c
  10. Oh hey this thread exists. I usually just slap my stuff on Discord or Tumblr these days but since Tumblr had become subject to some internet weirdness and i cant access it, here's something for y'all: Olivia the Antarean (my current avatar), and Olivia the Antarean as Olivia Pierce from Doom 2016, whom she's named after.
  11. Aw yis time for H E L L-entine's day
  12. My tree is super cursed, and so is my wreath but marginally less so.
  13. Ohoho the wintertides are the most gorgeous thing in the world. Congratulations birb, you've done it again.
  14. aw yis everybody it's snmgfiehp dragon breeding time
  15. doha what the h*ck that water is godly, dont say these things about yo epic art :v
  16. Aw yis new release 👀👀👀👀👌👌👌💯💯
  17. This could make for a pretty interesting lineage.
  18. Starsingers were literally based on Christmas angel tree toppers, just so you know.
  19. These beans are my heckin aesthetic and I love every single thing about em. Welcome to the artist jam @Dohaerys 👀👌💯 Edit: hottttt
  20. I'm willing to breed my full altcana ensemble for Thanksgiving but someone needs to beep me on Discord when the time comes, because I'll probably forget.
  21. That joke was tercorny for me. :^)
  22. Whoops I guess I bred one of my Brain Power lyric altcanas during my random/pair-assisted massbreeding. Enjoy, I guess 😂
  23. We have multiple joke breeds such as chickens and dinos, and you can collect them infinitely provided you find them. (see also: LBD's glorious massive chicken army) So I'm impulse suggesting that we unlock leetle trees and make em collectable by everyone. Pros: - imagine a leetle forest. cute as heck. - they serve as good scroll separators. - tend to sit in the biome for a bit because most people have them already. Cons: - they're kinda hard to get and having them as they are now, that is, untradeable frozen eggs, would make it inconvenient for some people so that's a problem. A possible solution would be to make em tradeable. shoot me down pls
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