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  1. [bfg division blosting in the background]

    @RWyvern's Aberrant boye with the Doomslayer, cuz demon slayers gonna slay




    also oops i used my brain power to time travel back to 2011 in order to make a doom map, but i overshot it and now im stuck in 2010 instead:


  2. work it harder make it better do it faster makes us stronger

    made a new robot self insert cuz none of my other ones have good work ethic. this one does. she works hard and doesnt feel. also she got weird legs


  3. back to my regular artstyle shenanigans:

    two of my private wotlk server characters, Kayenne and Malrioth, hangin out (yes im aware their gear is incompatible but they can wear whatever they want) also Kayenne's face is all kinds of wonky but i ran out of beans to fix it.



    also heres a malcore pic that im using as my discord avatar



  4. hi yes final outpost is good and cortie is blessed, 11/10 recommend

    these beans are probably my favorite outcomes that i've got so far, shoutouts to doha for making em:

    qVazE.png JNBWR.pngofylA.png


    im of course Malcorium on there as usual :3c


    and cuz im in a convenient first post, im going to show off my sun dog children and some capsules:



  5. Hold your retinae, I accidentally made the ultimate fursona. Quarantine has turned me into a furry but i have no regerts inb4 i make a suit of her