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  1. Happy Valentine's day everyone. c:
  2. One of my eggs hatched! They look so cool!!!!! I'm dying of excitement!
  3. Tj's hatchlings look so cool! Can't wait to see the adults.
  4. Thanks Tj and the spriters! The eggs and hatchlings are gorgeous. I'm kinda sad it's over, and I look forward to the next event! (:
  5. I managed to catch five last night at 12:00AM! Came early to get 'em first.
  6. Oh, okay then. I was just informing him just in case he was serious and didn't know. :3
  7. I'm sorry, but that is not the new egg. That pygmy has been around for a long time ... O_o The new egg doesn't appear until Saturday.
  8. I loved the Halloween events! Great job (as always) TJ and staff! I got the Aliset badge, all of the trick-or-treats, a pair of each halloween dragon, and a zombie hatchling on my first try. Thank you sooo much!
  9. Got them all. They're so beautiful, I love them. (: