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  1. He does not have to be on the forum to code things o.O Besides, he's TJ. All-powerful Dragonmaster. He can hide from whatever he wants
  2. You guys, he is probably not posting yet because he has to finish up stuff on the actual Dragon & Dino Cave sites. Just give him a bit, he can't do 5526632 things at once :3
  3. I love how everyone is freaking out over it Yay TJ, this was a great idea! It's so wonderfully amusing watching everyone obsess over it. :3 Beautifully crafted
  4. Just watch as it isn't announced right away Make em' wait a few hours, days?
  5. TJ, we found you another image to use!
  6. Really? Mine still won't let me send any o.O Wow, all these Dino eggs o.o If only my scroll on DC were filled with them
  7. I, sadly, do not have a Dino yet all you lucky ducks The best I have are two thunders and a leetle tree I wonder of this will make Dinos more common on dragcave?
  8. I have an account- but you guys, any of the new users cannot send invites. You're just wasting your time asking, and if someone sends you an "invite" it will be a scam o.O
  9. Ah, no wonder I can't find out where to send invites from. New users can't send out invites for a while- darn it Ive only been on for about an hour- do you know how long it is before we can send out invites? I keep trying to get Dinos and missing them, too D: I almost got a purple one, they're my favorites
  10. Actually guys, I was wrong. I just got my activation code through e-mail! Surprisingly, it's actually true :3 I have to admit- when I first got my email, I thought the whole thing would end up being a joke But I actually have an account now! I don't know why some people haven't gotten their activation code yet, because i signed up like 4 hours ago for the e-mail
  11. Hey, I am too It's too good to be true, Which I know- I'm just going to pretend that I hope it's real
  12. Has anyone recieved the badge yet? I haven't gotten mine, wondering if anyone did o.O
  13. I was scared Had no idea what had happened to my leetle tree, either o.o;;; Has anything else happened? Other than Dino cave & leetle broccoli-fying? I added my email as well
  14. Bahaha, this is wonderfully genius, TJ. If it's true, PM me an invite, dearies?