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I accept IOUs! 168ajxj.gif2ryq0s9.gif 2cdvk1j.pngSpanish, so if you speak that language, even better! (GTM+1)

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    -University Student (Law and Politics)
    -Anime and Manga Lover (One Piece specially, but I've seen/read lots of them)
    -TV Shows lover
    -Videogame Lover (RPGs, Pokemon, FF, Mario Krt, Fight Games, I mean, all of them? xD)
    -Fantasy and leyends Lover
    -Animals ♥ (I have three dogs c: )
    -Traveling♥ (Japan and USA are my dreams, but it's expensive =3=)
    -KPOP ♥♥

    -IOU from Alse15 (3gen GoldxWhiteStriped)
    -IOU to Majors (female gold x royal crimson or female gold x neotropical, 2nd gen)
    -IOU from Ninetails (Bronze Shimmer)

    -IOU from Bankotsu: CB Gold

    -IOU I owe to Maximumoccupancy (8 CB BSA Hatchies -8/8-)
    -IOU from Lullakai-Shi (CB Ice)
    -IOU from rebelgoddess19 (Blue Dino)
    -IOU to Fire-Ice (Paper and CB White)
    -IOU to Lullakai-Shi (2 FEMALE Spotted -2/2-)
    -IOU from Minogue (5 cb purples -5/5-)
    -IOU to Mercury(CB Canopy 2 male CB Gray 2 male 2 female -6/6-)
    -IOU to Maximumoccupancy (12 CB purples -12/12-)
    -IOU from ana3 (10 cb purples -10/10-)
    -IOU from SeekerHeart3401 (1 2gen Striped any color)
    -IOU from fallen_leaf (3 x 2gen reds -3/3-)
    -IOU to ZzelaBusya (4 Papers/CB purples -4/4-)
    -IOU to Bloodyrose13 (2nd gen PB Vine 1/1 Egg, CB F Sunsong 1/1, and 2/2 CB F Skywings)
    -IOU to ana3 (10 reds -10/10-)
    -IOU from Fire-Ice (2gen WMagi from SW)
    -IOU from Zylara (2gen Yulebuck x Red)
    -IOU from Khallayne (2gen Val from ValxGold and 2gen Gold)
    -IOU from Valeth (5th gen bronze tinsel x harvest)
    -IOU to Renmiri (3rd gen checked GoldxVal09)
    -IOU to Valeth (2 male CB deep seas)
    -IOU from KaelaBoo24 (GWxMagma)
    -IOU from X (Gold Shimmer)
    -IOU from Renmiri (2nd gen GoldxWhite)
    -IOU to Agrona (2x 2nd gen hybrids)
    -IOU to Ninetails (Gold Shimmer)
    -IOU to IvyJaclyn (10/10 CB P. Ridgewings)
    -IOU to Arra (3 more Christmas hatchies)
    -IOU to Terpsichore (4th gen Gold Shimmer)
    -IOU to rrattts: 20 CB Hatchies [20/20]
    -IOU from InugamiZERO: 2 CB Golds and 2 CB Silvers
    -" " ": 6 CB Halloween hatchies [6/6]

    •2/3rd gen Prizes!

    •Low Gen Tinsels
    •3gen Gold MALE with SW Stairstep.
    •FEMALE Cb Blusang.
    •MALE Blusang.
    •2gen PB Stripes (or 2gen black stripe from black mother/father)
    •Red CB Hatchies are always welcome, as well as cb nebulas ^^
    •Golden Wyverns x Magma ♥
    •Beautiful rares lineages