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  1. Sorry for not being clear, I didn't mean it as a suggestion xD My point is just that I could see how people compare how it is now to back then and feel like something has gone wrong. Maybe it's just me but I feel like the average time you have to spend in the AP to find something you like has gone up steadily throughout the years, with maybe a spike here and there. The reason I bring this up is because I fall hard into the camp that believes there's not much that can be done. Even lowering the egg time after multiple people pick up and abandon the same egg doesn't sound like a solid solution to me. But I do understand and want to legitimize the frustration of the other side as well. I feel like that's especially important when you don't agree with their solution, deep democracy and all yunno xD
  2. Full support, though I am not convinced that eggs should be able to be guarded again beyond 24hrs, as this could serve as an extra incentive to be proactive with trading. Want to trade your egg and have it safe while you go out for a short while? Fine. Want to leave it gathering offers for half a week? That's fine too, but you're gonna have to watch it more closely.
  3. I do think Stormcaller makes a very important point that I'd just like to reiterate upon lest it get ignored. I, also, believe that the AP used to be more exciting. Trading would happen through the AP, experiments got bounced through the AP, and walls wouldn't be bred as large as almost no users had that amount of dragons of a single breed yet. Edit: there was less to look for as well, simply because there were fewer breeds. This means the AP was more likely to contain a dragon of a breed you were looking for. What do you think?
  4. sounds cool! I think it'd be cool to be given "a good home" badge on raising x eggs from the ap. "Master Merchant" for x successful 2 way trades (raising an egg that came from a trade, maybe? or having the receiver raise an egg you caught) "Spirit of Giving" for gifting x eggs (eggs have to be raised for them to count) I love this, so I'll probably add more ideas later. Badge titles are subject to change, open to suggestions
  5. I do not think this is the right place to discuss that particular topic. Either way, I feel like tying the suggestion of achievements/badges in DC with prize dragons seems to make it much too volatile to be discussed properly. I personally wonder how many people'd support this idea if it had nothing to do with prize dragons?
  6. I would absolutely love this, especially if you could get unique dragons for each achievement, rather than just prizes. WRT dragon cave, not dragon raffle: less than one percent of all dragon breeds are raffled.
  7. I personally think the raffle is fine as is (don't kill me), and would prefer the dragons gained through the biome hunting rewards to be exclusive to that method, and keep the prize dragons exclusive to the raffle. Other than that I cannot stress enough how much I like this idea. Awesome!
  8. Ah alright that clears things up. I doubt many people will be completing teleports at the exact time that the egg'd die so fixing it is not that relevant. It didn't take up an egg slot anyways so I didn't mind
  9. A few days ago we had another instance of eggs dying on teleport and ending up on the receiver's scroll. The thread was closed after it got stated that the egg (rOds6) died after it was teleported. I can confirm that this was not the case as 1. the egg in the teleport showed being dead already and 2. the egg is reported to being incubated by the sender. I got screenshots of the first and of the action log for the second.
  10. 23. how high can moderators post before we count?
  11. Yup, looking for that book'll usually give you the one by james
  12. Me. I go by Vaatzes online usually. Zalom was an old name I never really use anymore. Vaatzes is the last name of the main character from Devices and Desires by K.J. Parker but I wouldn't recommend reading that. It's not a good book, I just liked the name.
  13. No matter. We shall rebuilt, starting with one!
  14. In small raffles with maybe 20 or so people the odds of winning a raffle is relatively high, so if you're raffling two eggs in that way it makes sense to say "if a previous winner gets chosen again, we'll pick a different one". Doing some rough calculations: In a raffle with two eggs and 20 entrants, the chance to win at least 1 egg is almost 10%. That's a big chance. The chance of winning BOTH eggs, however, is 0.25%. See how vastly different these probabilities are? The chance of obtaining multiple eggs gets even smaller beyond two eggs, especially with the hundreds (if not thousands?) of entrants in the DC raffle. You'll find very quickly that limiting previous winners from entering again does very little to increase your odds: if 1000 people enter a raffle for a single egg but 10 are limited from entering, that'll only increase your chances of winning that egg by 0.001%. You'll see similar "gains" in successive raffles. In this case, I don't believe it's worth antagonising 10 people for a minor gain of 0.001%, especially because the odds of anyone winning two eggs is already extremely small (and three even smaller). The alternative solution that is proposed is limiting 2 CB's per type. There are 6 types in total. Before someone'd be affected by this they'd have to win one type at least three times. There might be a few people around who got this lucky, but I personally don't know if anyone like that exists. So then what does this accomplish? It needlessly adds convoluted rules to the raffling system that, because of the way probabilities work, already makes sure people with multiples (3 or more) of the same egg are few and far between if not completely non-existent. The rules don't even significantly improve anyone else's odds of winning, either. At best, such rules would be confusing. At worst, they'll piss off the people who've been lucky enough to win once or twice and generally take away the magic of winning a large raffle.
  15. I'm going to rely on your skills of deduction to make sense of what is supposed to be written here, rather than the silly message that is actually here.