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    Drawing ,playing games pixel art

    Ok ,I use it for dragon cave things:

    You should know,that I am also speaking german,so you can also write me german notes for breeding wishes or something else of this,also the normal things of life.

    Dragons I wish to have:

    GOLD Silver eggs
    lineage with any alt of a dragon as my buddy do.
    ND EGG
    CB Seasonal Spring
    CB Blusang
    CB Nebula Blue or red
    dino eggs any colour
    Chicken egg oh fine

    -the rare paper one
    -night glorys only Night glorys because i have 10 Days and only one.... night
    tsunami eggs
    summon dragon

    what I can breed you,when it goes:
    the two finned blunas ,i have too much of them
    -royal blue
    -some magis for teleport
    -dragons with rosebud in lineage
    -some pygmies
    -slime dragons
    -sunstone dragons i have to much of them!
    ember dragons and some others
    Luminas i have a mass of them!
    ultraviolett dragon!!!
    any good lineage hopefully
    ask me for dragons you want to have

    ok this was it