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  1. I like this Valentine event, it's lovely coming back every day and getting something new to read. I've gotten all 30 items so far, and I'm definitely waiting forward to seeing where the story goes next. ^^
  2. Well, I definitely love the sprite updates. For me it looks more or less like this: 2D --> 3D. Seriously. Even though the previous sprites had shading and all, the new ones are so masterfully done, they really look way more 3D now. And I personally love the looks. The wings on the splits - <3<3<3
  3. I did, and thank you again sooooo much!!! ^^
  4. Aw I missed the release! =( Well, I guess I have to frequent the AP more often now in hopes of getting a stray new release egg.. Forgot all about it during making myself ready for the first ever Halloween party with my first ever Halloween costume. And I'm 23. Yes, shoot me now Oh well...
  5. Got my three pairs =3 Apparently they are in Alpine and Forest only, or at least I didn't see any in other biomes. =) Can't wait to see what they become
  6. Just got my first batch of these, two of each from the first three biomes and one from Forest. Haven't really picked out a favourite yet, though.. well, we'll see once they grow up =3
  7. So the eggs like to disappear for about 15 minutes at a time, and then come back real quick, and then go again. Buuuut I've been able to grab 2 Two-Heads, 2 Drakes and 1 of the Pygmys. Now to just hunt that last Pygmy and then decide which egg to grab one more of
  8. Most probably won't get even 40. I'm up to 36 now, started yesterday, had to work today and now I'm going to bed really soon (I'm in Europe so by the time I wake up and can check again tomorrow it's already past midnight by cave time =/).. But I'm happy that I at least could get this many. I got the wiggling kitty (yaaay!) and my dear HP (Always <3), and PotO as well =3 I really wanted the Limbo one and Wreck-It-Ralph as well, but oh well then.. =')
  9. I'm pretty sure that it is indeed a Phantom of the Opera egg! As soon as I got it, I squealed because it's one of my favourite musicals/musical movies =3
  10. 62 eggs and apparently they take a long time popping up. I'll never get all of them D= Can't only be on DC 24/7 now can I?... Unfortunately... And I missed over half of the eggs last year as well already.. =(
  11. Oooooohhhh finally a new release! ^^ Got three of the Gems and two of both others. =3 Me ish happy => It's gonna be a bit of a pain getting all of the three colours of the gems, but if I get all green I'm happy as well
  12. Oooh, it looks really cute =) I like it. Turned the zoom to 75% and now I can see almost all of the picture without the text being too small ^^
  13. Is no one getting even a glimpse of a Cavern Lurker? Apparently holiday dragons don't seem to want to show their faces... except for Shadow Walkers..? I guess I picked the wrong boy for this... but I really want my Felix to have his only mate (a Cavern Lurker) at least come by so I'd know what she likes... =)
  14. Does anyone have any clue as to what could attract a Cavern Lurker? I've got lots of mice and purple stuff (but just magic, meat and misc) but up to now none have come yet...
  15. I totally missed the drop =((( *is sad* the new dragons look extremely cute and awesome, I'm sooo bummed now =( But I was sooooo busy irl I couldn't get online at all before..
  16. It was, wasn't it?! I've been crying to TVD since 2010 It's so crazy, but it still tears me up sometimes with emotional scenes. Though roundabout now in season 6 then only tear-inducing scene for me was where Bonnie was alone on that porch, realizing no one was there. That was like... awwwww ;-;
  17. I totally loved humanity-less Elena. She was finally carefree and actually for once no one had to save her from yet another kidnapping etc. Plus I kinda liked that pink streak she got into her hair back then. Oh well...
  18. Yes indeed I've thought about rewatching the series again as well, reliving the better storylines and the times when Damon was still the hot badass and not an Elena-doting nanny Kai is hot. MF hot. That's all I can say. He's the perfect villain for this season.
  19. BonKai is my newest ship. It's between Bonnie and.. well, there's a new hootttt dude coming in season 6. I don't want to tell you anything more about him because that would just spoil, but lemme just tell you that sizzle between them is unff. I've seen every episode and webisode of the Originals so far, as well as from TVD, and I can't wait to see the new episodes. Love your sig as well, especially that Katherine one tbf. It's always been one of my favorite scenes
  20. I won't leave the show no matter how bad it gets. I don't do that. And I'm glad I didn't because I have now found my new crack trash ship to live on. Season 6, guys. If you haven't seen it yet, there's only one thing I can tell you to wait forward to: BonKai. Seriously hot.
  21. 600 winners this year? =O *starts biting nails* Okay TJ you officially made me nervous again. Usually I don't even hope for a win, but by increasing the number this year I'm now actually hoping for an email
  22. The actor portraying Oliver Queen from Arrow was, indeed, in the Vampire Diaries, for 2 episodes in season 2. He played a werewolf who travelled to Mystic Falls after Mason Lockwood's disappearance, but soon after got killed by Stefan. So there you have it. Thanks zorua9, without you asking it I wouldn't have noticed it either. But I did some googling and there it was. =)
  23. *facepalm* Thanks, I completely oversaw that. >.<
  24. ... Not sure if this has been asked before, I cba to look through all 50 pages, but where can I find this on the site? I haven't seen this divider anywhere yet, could someone please enlighten me? =)
  25. Just saw this Dorsal wall as well and even did a screenshot, since that's basically my first occurrence of this fenomenon tbf