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  1. Trying to complete, and sending to others! Scroll name: devil92
  2. Sent and sending other cards Below there are the flower I don't have Scroll name: devil92
  3. HAVE 2nd gen Snow from Soulstone WANT Other 2nd gen Snows (especially from Gold, Silver, Copper, Omen, Green Fire Gem, Caligene or other Halloween/Valentine parents except Soulstone of course) https://dragcave.net/teleport/9fe9af434aceb11a0c1c30d647514718
  4. HAVE 2nd gen Snow x Blue Fire Gem hatchling (close to maturing) here WANT Desperately looking for bloodswap! (No eggs, cause I'm egglocked) PM me!
  5. HAVE 3rd gen checker Aegis from Gold x Enraged Aegis here TRADED!
  6. HAVE 2nd gen Caligene x Radiant Angel father Lineage WANT Bloodswap HAVE TO BREED 4x CB Cavern Lurker (3M, 1F) 3x CB Grave (2M, 1F) 7x CB Desipis (4M, 3F) 4x CB Caligene (1M, 3F) 6x CB Witchlight (3M, 3F) a lot of 2nd and 3rd gen from all Halloweens (see my lineages in signature, Halloween TAB) WANT Any Halloween (Caligene, Grave, Shadow Walker, Black Marrow, Cavern Lurker) from my Wishlist (in signature, "Wishlist" TAB) PM me to discuss!
  7. New Member FORUM NAME: devil.92 SCROLL NAME: devil92 TIME ZONE: CEST
  8. "I, devil.92, swear that my Aegis' sprites won't change once they have had offspring." Astral dell'Ovest will remain enraged Borea il Tempestoso will remain pacified They have bred yet, but I've never changed their "mood" since their first breeding!
  9. Happy Valentine day everyone! > PLAY FLUTE You try to blow the useless horn again. No dice. In the ocean, the ancient evil wonders where the snooze button is. AHAHAH too fun!
  10. I had a ferret about 10 years ago...last year I had 2 rats (I was looking after them for a friend of mine) and now I have a guinea pig (named Spike), a freshwater turtle and 15 stick insects. Oh, and my dog, Luna, I love her! I love animals! All animals, from insects to cats and dogs (maybe the only animal I don't like at all is the human being) I'm a biologist and I love our planet <3
  11. Here my house! A little bit monochromatic! https://dragcave.net/holidays16/devil92
  12. Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!!
  13. Sorry, I know that this isn't the right place to ask something like that but......where can I find in the cave these new releases???? I've just returned home from holidays
  14. Hi! This topic sounds interesting, can someone write my name in the list??? thank you so much!!!! ^^ sorry I forgot the lineage!!!! =P Lineage
  15. Please see the post below yours.
  16. It's on the top of this discussion =)
  17. sent!!! ^^ oh no!!!! I confused the colours!!!! white for blue and blue for white!!!!! 0_0 sorry ='(
  18. HI everyone! Can someone send me some blue or violet iris??? thank you! ^^
  19. It's a good idea..I'll try!!! here my 3 magi (there are the 2 parents and their son) My magi