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  1. I agree. People started counting down to midnight last night, and I was just thinking, "Nothing is going to happen guys." I do hope that he says something soon, but whatever otherwise, I will move on. He and the mods (because I am SURE they must be in on it) must be having a good laugh, but it really isn't entertaining anymore.
  2. Good night all! This has become boring, and video games beckon me. Hopefully, the morning sun will reveal all!
  3. I KNEW this would happen. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  4. Man, I can see it now. It's gonna be like 12:04, and people are going to be freaking because TJ hasn't said anything. He could be SLEEPING for all we know.
  5. Ahhh, Europe, anyone? Bedodo doooo, bedodododo. *trumpets blare*
  6. 5 minutes until the big letdown....
  7. I would hope that if this turns out to be real, that some good click sites pop up for it, because that is the only way I can raise my eggies.
  8. I have been playing FFXII all evening, and it sure is taking me a long time to get anything done, being busy posting and specualting and all.
  9. Having to have an invite is quite normal for new sites. It is why they are called beta. EDIT Okay, maybe not WHY, but they tend to go hand-in-hand.
  10. I can think of one good thing that has come of this so far: I have posted more on the forum today, than I ever have before. And the joke is cruel/not cruel depending on how the jokester views it. I for one, would find it hillarious. I can see TJ right now, lurking in this thread, laughing is butt off.
  11. @daydreamer - I know. That is what makes me think that nothing will happen at midnight. *shrugs* @matmetchi - LOL
  12. Sit tight. Such an odd saying. But that will be hard for some people...
  13. Who knows though? Maybe TJ will decide to leave us hanging for week? Or all month?
  14. Hopefully, all will be revealed soon enough. *crosses fingers*
  15. Yes, haha, the topic has went off course. I dunno what to think myself. I entered my email, just to see what would happen really. Plan to stay up til midnight, see if anymore info is released. After that... *shrug*
  16. Never was a big fan of Peeps myself.
  17. I believe that is something reminiscent of a past April Fools joke. The carrot thing, where eggs were called 'seeds' and hatchlings called 'sprouts'. Wasn't actually there for the event, just read about it on Dragon Cave Wiki.
  18. I lack the ability to 'wait'. GAAH!
  19. So there's a badge involved? Or is that just a guess too?
  20. Soon mass hysteria will break out. We all cry "WE WANT ANSWERS, WE WANT ANSWERS!" *holds picket sign in protest of all the secrety-ness*
  21. *am wondering how fast the email invite option works* Even if is is a joke, I still wanna be part of it.
  22. Deep Sea, Horse, Neotropical and Waterhorse.
  23. OMG Love this game. Been playing the sequel non-stop all week, Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution.
  24. Wow, heh, I killed a vampire hatchling. I thought it was a dead hatchling and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't disappear off my scroll. So I used the Kill action. The ONLY time I have ever done so. *so ashamed* I told someone what happened and they told me I killed my vampire.