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Chelsea Manning is my hero! I take breeding requests. Check my profile and PM me about it. I accept IOUs for most of my trades.
Sorry, my lists are completely out of date: Holiday-List | Prize-List | How to get the purple scroll-banner.

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    My eternal gratitude goes out to the most amazing people one can ever meet: Mystic_Halo, Terpsichore, Hot on Fire, Siliskor, MaximumOccupancy, WereJace, alliana1, Kishing, Varekis, Wahya, Scyleia, Lesh4537 and CDM who gifted me beautiful eggs and hatchlings and are generally amazing people. You are all absolutely awesome and I am really really grateful! If any of you should ever want or need something bred from my scroll or any of the dragons I offer for trade, please let me know and they are yours!

    --|| Breeding requests: ||--
    Please PM me if you want any of my dragons bred for you.
    I will breed most of my dragons on short notice, with the usual exceptions:
    - CB metallics -> You can ask, but it's likely they are busy.
    - It might generally be a good idea to check my IOU list. If I have something running with the dragon type you want to request, your "order" would have to be put on a list.
    Yes, I do breed my rare dragons on request, but not all of them for free.

    | What I'd want in return: |
    - for commons & BSA: usually nothing, unless it's a huge request
    - for not-super-rare rares (Trio, Nebula, Stripe, Vine, Black, Golden Wyvern, Blusang, Xenos, Coppers, Pyralspites, most Holidays): usually free
    - special lineages (Spriters' Alts, Checkers etc.): depends on the line, might have a list
    - rares (Shimmerscales, Tinsel, Gold, Silver, Holly): compensation depends on the request
    --|| Codes I'd love to have: ||--

    juju (in any capitalization)
    jules (random caps and numbers, like 1 for l or 3 for e, are fine)
    brady (in any capitalization, 4 instead of a is fine)
    chels (in any capitalization, 3 for e, 5 for s or 1 for l is fine)

    I am willing to catch, breed or trade for rare dragons for these codes. Please let me know if you have them and we will work something out.
    --|| My Prize-dragon-spreadsheet: ||--
    [A bit out of date, sorry! >_< ]


    (Or check my signature for a clickable link!)
    --|| My Holiday-dragon-spreadsheet: ||--
    [New Halloweens missing!]


    (List also shows what mates I am missing; clickable link in signature as well!)
    --|| Active IOUs: ||--

    || I owe: ||
    Blusang sibling to https://dragcave.net/lineage/mj5Cp (last bred: 22.01. - no egg)

    || I am owed: ||

    | Traveling Europe: |

    Do I owe you something and you haven't heard from me in a while? Message me!

    --|| Inactive IOUs: ||--
    - Azranthea: from me: CB Trio (inactive since 2012?)

    - Agrona: I owe you the stars and the sun, yet all I can wish you now is peace and a better fortune for your family. Rest in peace, my friend.
    from me: 17 CB Nebula hatchlings (uninfluenced)
    from me: 4th gen Gold from m Gold x Marrow
    --|| The dragons I am currently on the hunt for: ||--

    (this list is in large part for me to remember, although please feel free to get trade-offer inspirations here. ;D)

    - 4th gen Shimmerfail eggs from these lines:
    Han-Gukin's Babsang x White;
    Geumseol Menoth x Skywing;
    Aquila's Unbelievable Filly x Stone;
    o Seian CB o x Earth/Green
    - always collecting more CB and pretty lineaged Golds
    - CB Blusangs! Always more of those! PBs and checker with m/f Gold, m Silver, f Sunsong, m/f Skywing welcome as well.

    | CB-List: |
    (I usually update this list once a hatchling born to stay on my scroll gendered.)

    - Goal: 8 CB pairs of each breed -
    - blue: 4 fem, 4 male

    - 2nd gen Hybrids: -
    Bluna: male

    ND: male adult; s2 hatchling

    *: Gender/hatching pending
    --|| Random Stuff: ||--

    || BSA-counter: || [I totally have to update this, too!]
    Purple: 113
    Red: 84
    Pink: female: 31; male: 33
    Magi: 39
    Bolt / Stun: 16
    Aeon / Precog: 27

    || Some Statistics: ||
    GoNs: 1st after 30 summons - 1 year, 2 months; 2nd after 5 summons - 2.5 months
    Total summons to two GoNs: 35 - 1 year, 4.5 months
    Vampires: 20 bitten - 11x stay, 6x repulse, 3x kill

    || Projects I take part in: ||
    - Newbie Gifting Project (donor and helper-mod)
    - Traveling Europe Project (Reykjavik & DenHaag)

    || Freezing Philosophy: ||
    I will grab hatchlings for freezing from the AP or ask any eventual trade partners' permission.
    I will in almost all cases only freeze dragons with their wings developed (they were born to fly, after all).
    I will never freeze gifts, unless they were made for freezing specifically!
    If you want to know why I sometimes get so many hatchlings seemingly out of nowhere: my absolutely awesome roommate (Scroll-ID: HowlingOwl) is so kind and generous to help me reach my CB scroll goals.