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  1. Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men
  2. It's overplayed, not ipod/mp3 worthy; but it is fun dancing with friends/ in parties.
  3. this forum is a lot stable then the other ones.. but that I mean that it is properly moderated and rules are obeyed. Teen hut is an example of an unstable forum.. don't go there
  4. To be working in industry. Each industry has a 'process' of fabrication.. ill be the one improving and maintaining it. Pretty specific This is my future job I was considering being an architect but it is a lot of work like actually designing a house so that it suits people.. you have to truly love this occupation. But in the end you get a lot cash.
  5. Yea you're right. Anyways will someone answer my question? How many hours should a person on average get sleep?
  6. that's a fresh looking suit man with the hair it kinda makes it all old fashioned
  7. Maintaining posture is important. You don't want to walk around 'hunched' its bad for your back.. I say Yes to badminton and sports with your family since its healthy to run outside rather than sitting at home on a computer. Straighten your back/maintain posture, play sports and work out. Sockpuppet is right about not over-obsessing over it.
  8. So you want be 1.88m and you are 1.62m. Why? You are 18; thats a young age you have a chance of growing. I know someone who is 5 feet tall... and shes 17. 1.62m (thats like 5'3) is good for your age.. females should be typically shorter than guys too lol
  9. When I was 15 on beside a clothes washing building on the grass then the next day on the soccer field. I was on vacation and it was 11pm there were two girls and one was filming. It wasn't "special" or "in the moment" since we played truth or dare and one of the girls dared me. To this day I still don't know why that second girl was so annoying lol
  10. My cellphone wallpaper shes cute
  11. Next recently watched movie that I found terrible: Gamer
  12. ppffffft... not worth it terrible car i'd go for the VW golf
  13. Darkknife


    shes attractive imo
  14. Did you guys hear? There will be no more natural blondes in 200 years, there's an article on it: BBC News Study It would be soo different with a world without blondes.
  15. Lets see.. Tape Electric Pencil Sharpener Can of Nestea Wallet Keys Receipts Agenda Mcdonalds cards camera cell phone bunch of pencils, rulers, scissors two books laptop laptop sleeve tissues lighter usb card reader pringles glasses cleaner ....and a Hole Puncher!!