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  1. Seven deadly sins, with my scroll surname on the end Both mess with your mind after all :3
  2. Few hours/days is way to often to check them. I do once a fortnight, and I think I'v ehad one approved since Easter/ Yes to this, a hundred times ov4r
  3. Age 8 - Astronaut Age 12 - Astronomer Age 16 - Astrophysicist. I've always known what I've wated to go into
  4. I have nothing against people who eat meat, even though personally I choose to be a vegetarian. While I believe that eating meat is healthy, I also believe that we need to seriously cut back the amount we eat. Currently, I know people who will have it at two meals a day, seven days a week. Considering the energy loss that occurs when feeding plants to the livestock as opposed to eating plants directly, and then taking into account world hunger, it would be much more prudent for us as a whole to cut back on our consumption. A quick point to say that I am well aware that certain groups have no choice but to feed on meat, due to the lack of crops that are available, such as the Inuits, and as these groups tend to be sustainable they cause no damage to the local wildlife. I will say I find the "how many hotdogs can you eat in a minute" or "finish the whole steak and get the meal free" competitions disgusting though. It's just a waste of food.
  5. I could have my teacher character randomly scrape in in that would help? (Hai all I'm new to join *waves)
  6. I write long...like 900 charracters plus. I kinda see it as a challenge But I always freak out about the quality over quantity debate, even though writing more doesn't mean it's worse.
  7. (Hey, I'm new I should be hanging in Oakington am ) The grocery store was pretty intact, and Jason assumed that almost nobody had been in there when they all vanished. At first, he’d thought it had been some kind of mass evacuation, that he’d been missed out, but he knew his girlfriend wouldn’t leave without checking on him. Holding his backpack open, Jason walked along the aisles, considering what he might need. The café he’d gorged at on the way had filled his stomach, and with his stomach satisfied, Jason was able to make some more rational choices. Dropping another can of baked beans in, Jason shuddered as he felt the weight of his bag. Deciding he could do without, he shoved them back on the shelf. No need to make a mess unnecessarily. A packet of rolls went in, and Jason stopped to assess what he had. One roll of twine. One flashlight. One lighter. Two water bottles. One sleeping bag. One coat. And of course, the army knife. Not exactly the most inviting prospect. Even though he was entirely alone, Jason still felt the need to be carrying supplies with him. Years of living on the streets made him uncomfortable not carrying all his possessions with him. Jason shoved a packet of dried meat in there. The freezers were still running – for now, but the second they died that food would start to go off. Jason wasn’t exactly willing to carry something around that would go off soon. Dried fruit and nuts was the obvious choice, and with a moment of weakness, Jason grabbed a packet of fruit gums. As he stepped out of the store, Jason wasn’t really sure what to do next. Everyone he’d knew, worked with, seen on the street was gone, and while the deserted town was eerie, he didn’t exactly feel threatened. The sudden freedom, the chance of going anywhere, was exciting, and yet awful at the same time, and Jason had no idea what he wanted to do. Survival instinct kicked in, and Jason knew that he couldn’t live outside forever. Swinging his backpack over his shoulders, he headed towards the well to do part of town. If he was going to live solo, he might as well do it in luxury.
  8. Story of my life I'm trying to get a 2G from ever dragon going to make a checker...it's taking a while My favourites are alt black, arsani and nebula :3 So pwetty <3
  9. Thanks Now to research them all EDIT: I'd rather the dragon count was accurate, as it would be cool to know how many of each
  10. Has anyone found a dragon which has any observations about it?
  11. Ok, that is a bad road to go down. Horrible as it sounds, you need to start forcing yourself to do stuff. It doesn't have to be running a marathon, but you need to start breaking yourself out of there. Try reading a book, make yourself read ten pages a day. Maybe it'll hurt, but you have to start somewhere. Taking the dog for a walk is something that has to be done, so if you don't feel like you can, you need to find someone else who will. Baby steps may hurt, but you need to start moving, and start letting your emotions out a bit more. Diary? Anything, even if you just list words that describe how you're feeling at the moment. Then make yourself do something productive, however much it hurts. Just think about how great it'll be when you stop feeling like this
  12. Yes. Normally I just trying writing poetry. Even it's not directly about the issue, it helps to express my emotions, and let pressure out.
  13. I haven't been through this, so I'm sorry, I can't give first person advice. I would advise you either look on the internet for any medical journals on this issue, or join a support group where people have been going through the same thing. It also would help to consult with the person who prescribed the medication;if it's greatly interfering with your relationships and everyday life, it may be possible to find some kind of alternative. My own bad side effects medication story: not really ot me, but my sister is on some medication (I forget it's name) that she takes once she goes hysterical. It causes short term memory loss (I'm skeptical, I'll admit, but...) and she doesn't remember any of the horrible things she says, the effect on other people... (But always seems to remember what other people say, miracle oh miracle.) Makes it hard to hold people accountable to their actions when they claim they don't know anything about it, so she gets away with basically anything. -.-
  14. Maybe this is really stupid, but I'm just wondering, how should we suggest our changes to the TAELAE thread? From what I've got, we can't post suggestions in this forum, because it should go to the thread moderators. But then the thread moderators created the rules to stop the thread being closed by the forum moderators. So do I contact the forum moderators with my suggestions?
  15. Two successful kills out of the original five I put aside for the purpose. Killed the one mated to my arsani though, which was good The vampire dodged unfortunately. Supplemented the rest with CB female commons from my scroll. Got six hatchlings dying atm, so hopefully this year I will complete my collection. Just a female hatchling, male hatchling and female adult to go.
  16. Should of made this clearer, sorry. My idea was to have the cave drop 100 CB eggs, cave generated into the AP to try and balance ratios. A site gesture, not done by players. Although one would be interested to see what would happen to the ratios if we all got on and mass bred commons...
  17. For me; DC seems to have two main aspects: CATCH 'EM ALL or BUILD 'EM ALL If you're catching every dragon, retiring them does you no good, so you wouldn't support this. If you're building lineages, then retiring different dragons means a reduced palette to work with, so this wouldn't help. I agree that cave blockers are annoying, and do need a better solution. This may sound stupid...but would we be able to create blockers entirely for the AP? Say every hour we drop 100 blockers in there, which helps to balance the cave ratios, therefore making them produce less blockers. More room for desirables. Those who want commons could find them in the AP
  18. I really want to get a betta for uni :3 I had an entire plan; I wanted a girl, I'd looked up the essentials, worked out the average costs for startup and monthly, figured how I was going to hide her my room, decided to name her Luna. Now I kinda want a chinchilla :3 So I'm undecided atm. If I go to uni I get darling little Luna, if I take a gap year I'm getting a chinchilla ;D
  19. Zombie cheerleader I have a few "nerd" themed parties this year, so just figured I could use the zombie cheerleader for a Walking Dead type thing, and then have it for Halloween as well. I would have preferred something less cheerleady...but the others were either too inappropite or way out of budget. (Zombie pirate was epic but soo expensive ) I was hoping to go as a Disney Princess, as it would work out well as dressing up at uni, but this fits better so.. I also considered Neku..but the expense :l Next year, I've decided to go as Zelda (so I have a year to somehow save up for/make the costume). I found the most *amazing* maggot bloodstained necklace thing on Etsy, but it took a few months to make and then shipping...wouldn't have got here in time. I splashed out on the most adorable cat in a pumpkin tshirt though, which is :3 I really really love dressing up --- I'm doing my pumpkin as a pokeball this year. Bit of a cop out, but who cares?
  20. How exactly will signing a petition help this cause though? Surely it would be better to contact the police, write to your local council/senator/person of power in the state then clicking a button on a website? I doubt the Chief of Police will be ignoring animal abuse unless it has a certain number of signatures.
  21. I'll be honest, I seem to meet the strangest people in my life. My friends think I'm a magnet for it Little bit of background: I live in a university town, and was seventeen when this occurred. There is a main road from the town centre, and then there's a little side road which I live quite a ways up. I was walking back from the town centre, along the main road, and has just gone up the side road where I live. I'm drinking some lemonade I got from Cafe Nero, and I'm wearing quite casual clothing. I've just walked up the side road, and one of those low cars comes up with a guy in it. He calls out to me, and I go over, figuring he needs directions or something. Him: Are you a student at *University*? Me: No, but I live locally so I can give directions if you need. Where are you trying to go? Him: Have you ever heard of F-A-G magazine? Me: No...do you know if it's on campus or not? Him: Oh, I'm not looking for it. Have you heard of it? Me: Erm...no sorry. Him: Well, it's a student magazine. We're doing an article on student housing, and I saw you walking up the street and thought you looked like a student so... Me: Oh, I don't go to *university* Him: Are you a student? Me: I go to college, yes. Him: *gesturing for me to come closer* Well, would you be interesting in appearing in it? (At this point I'm backing away, but I'm not sure what to do, there's no easy way to get out of vision, and I can't really leave the area without either crossing a road or going up a steep hill) Me: I'M SEVENTEEN. (I then start walking pretty quickly away, putting some parked cars between me and him. He then starts driving UP the side road, reverses around, and drives back in the opposite direction)
  22. B]Holiday Breeder[/b] Forum Name: What I can breed: 2G PB Lurker/Grave 2G Lurkers from Trihorn, Thunder and Brimstone 2G Graves from (Mate to be decided) 3G Royal Blue x Black Marrow Checker 3G Red x Black Marrow Checker 3G Shadow Walker from: Ridgewing, Water, Heartseeker, Rosebud I Will Be Gifting, Trading, or Both: Trading to get the dragons I want, and then gifting PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=186479 Scroll Linkhttp://dragcave.net/user/Tastica CODE Requester Forum Name: Emeraldmay What I Want: 2G BM with Yulebuck 2G PB Pumpkin x 3 (for freezing) 2G PB Black Marrow x2 (for freezing) 2G PB Grave x2 (for freezing) 2G F Grave from M Magi 2G Grave from Ribbon Dancer 2G Lurker from Female Brimstone What I Can Offer: Any of my Halloweens, and I'm a pretty good catcher so PM me PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=186479 Scroll Linkhttp://dragcave.net/user/Tastica
  23. Hey, I entered a skittles prize draw thing, and apparantly I won some kind of xbox live gold 3 day membership thing? Anyway, I don't have an xbox, so I thought I'd post the code here in case anyone wants it. I think you're supposed to redeem it on the website. 4JGRG-RK4TF-KX4D2-VCCC9-Y9TMV
  24. You can't afford to die yet. Kinda harsh, but it really helps me