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 ARK2-1.gif.7cb414573e17d6aeddb2cb1d95b34b30.gif ARMYfederal | seeking 2nd gen shimmers or tinsels. PM please

                                =^.^= TONY STARK =^.^= GRYFFINCLA=^.^= GARRUS VAKARIAN =^.^=

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    FullMetal Alchemist, Real Drive - RD Sennou Chousashitsu, Darker than Black, Himitsu: Top Secret, Ergo Proxy, Ghost in the Shell, This is Jinsy, Torchwood and Doctor Who, Sherlock BBC, Life on Mars(UK), Star Trek Discovery, Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, Mass Effect and...

    ... dragcave :)

    Offer (PM):

    2nd gen ARMY 1:1 2nd gen tinsel | shimmer

    Please include "Army" in the name (in any form) and pass this wish to the next if you can do it =^.^=
    Thank you! *_*

    * You can choose partner (no snow angel, no red, no spessartine, no anagallis, no royal blue) if i can too

    * You will have unique lineage (only one tinsel offspring by parent x ARMY) if it will be 2nd gen : 2nd gen and I will have same. No another variant I am sorry.

    * The very priority to someone who can:
    breed dragons immidiately
    or if I'll be 1-2th on your waiting list

    Thank you.


    Another special wish:

    [Child of Bronzereiter The Lost ARMY's Firstborn ^^
    http://dragcave.net/view/mb1L] - I have now, thank you =)
    The Owner of Bronzereiter, I don't know you but thank you very much for the nice name(and the first name-message too)

    I like lineages
    > tinsel|shimmer|metal / royal blue
    > 2nd gen prizekin (especially royal blue)

    > tinsel|shimmer|metal / male moonstone
    > tinsel|shimmer / female anagallis
    > tinsel|shimmer / spessartine (so cute *_* my birthday's release!)

    > long lineages with interesting name concept

    PM please.


    PS I don't know much English. I am sorry.