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  1. I don't think I've posted here yet! My first kiss was in November 2007 (I was 14). I was at a friend's house overnight with a bunch of other friends (including my current girlfriend, Lizz). We were watching Ratatouille on my friend's TV in our sleeping bags but Lizz and I were off to the side more and not paying as much attention. We were sharing a sleeping bag at the moment, I think, and I remember her just moving close to me and kissing me on the lips suddenly I had no idea how to react, and I just sort of laid there for a moment until I could recover haha We started dating after that and are still together today :3
  2. I just redyed the tips of my hair purple It's on top of blue so it's pretty dark but I still like it!
  3. There's nothing wrong with changing your hair colour that often, aside from possibly damaging your hair and spending the time to dye it so often. If they're dying their hair that often they should know about the damage they could be doing to it, so if it falls out or whatever that's their own problem. Also, having unnatural colours in your hair isn't "making a fool of yourself". It just means that you like those colours in your hair. That's it. Does it mean you're looking for attention? Maybe, but there's nothing wrong with that either! I don't really see what the problem is aside from the fact that you think natural colours look better, and that's just your opinion (which is fine to have). In my opinion blue and green and purple hair looks better than brown and blonde and (natural) red. But that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with someone having a hair colour that I don't like.
  4. If your doctors don't believe you (and seem like they won't change their minds) it might be best to find a new doctor, at least for the insomnia. It might help to find someone who specialises in sleeping disorders, if possible--you could ask your current doctors if they know of any, and they might be able to lead you in the right direction. If you do have options available (and I know not everyone does), you'll probably get much better treatment than you would get from a doctor who isn't 100% convinced you even have the problem in the first place.
  5. Everything should be fine... if there are any compatibility problems (with add-ons) it will tell you before it installs.
  6. Wrong. Not everyone is able to get a diagnosis. Did you have insomnia before you were diagnosed? By your logic, you didn't. Unless you are the person in question, you have no right to tell them that they do not have something simply because they haven't had a doctor confirm it. Obviously self-diagnosis is far more prone to incorrect diagnoses but that does NOT mean that every person who does self-diagnose is wrong. Please don't tell others that their experiences are invalid when you have no proof (and are not a doctor yourself). And anyway, it's not like insomniacs are the only ones with sleeping problems. Just because we're all posting in this thread does not mean we all think we're insomniacs. If someone claims to be something they're not, that's wrong. But there's nothing wrong with discussing it regardless.
  7. If you use your computer late at night before you go to bed it might also help to install f.lux. It adds an orangey tint to your screen at night that's more natural looking for your eyes. I don't know how much it's helped me sleep, but it definitely looks better than staring at a blinding blue-white screen at night
  8. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep (although luckily, once I do I sleep like a rock)! I usually take melatonin and vitamin B6 before I go to bed (by at least an hour)--they help me fall asleep more easily than I would otherwise. I also like I listen to ambient or calm electronic music on low volume before I go to sleep. I have pretty comfy earbuds that I can lay down in and slide out easily once I'm about to fall asleep, but even if I sleep in them it doesn't bother me
  9. I thought blue was uncommon enough? And I mean it does actually stand out: http://slodive.com/wp-content/uploads/2012...s/blue-bair.jpg http://media.onsugar.com/files/2011/03/10/.../scenehair2.jpg http://www.mrdenny.com/blog/images/2009.06...ir/P6070025.JPG (not my pictures, but those all look pre-bleached)
  10. That's similar to what I do! My hair isn't as dark as yours but it's still a pretty dark shade of brown with the tips dyed dark blue. If you bleach your tips first, trust me, even dark blue will stand out
  11. I haven't had many awkward situations but I do end up having to explain the difference between pansexual and bisexual to people all the time
  12. I think this thread is fine to use to share stories, offer support, and meet other allies on the site. The gay marriage thread is for just that--discussion of marriage. The sexuality thread is not as broad a topic as this is, either. I think that this thread is completely valid as long as it stays on topic and doesn't turn into unrelated chat.
  13. You're never too young to figure out your own identity! It's good that you're at least thinking about it, even if you're not 100% sure yet. It's also okay if you feel like you might not fit into a specific category! You might feel more comfortable with one specific label as you explore your identity further, but don't worry if you never figure it out 100%... above all else, just be yourself Not everyone has the same sexual and romantic orientations, either--for example, I'm dating a girl who is asexual and biromantic (but leaning slightly more towards men). Labels can only describe so much, so don't worry about it if it's not perfect.
  14. This is a good idea! I'm 19, cis female, pansexual/panromantic, and polyamorous. I'm in a relationship (a triad specifically) with a girl and a boy. I'm currently in college but I get to visit my girlfriend a lot despite that
  15. If you want to go silver, bleach your hair as much as possible to get the colour out. Use a silver (blue) toner (rather than purple, unless you want your hair to be white) on your bleached hair and hopefully you should get nice results You probably won't be able to get it silver with only bleach, because there will probably be a bit of yellowy pigment left from bleaching.
  16. My hair is currently brown with (bleached) blue tips! I go back and forth between blue, blue-green, and purple as it washes out though. I would LOVE to have all of my hair bleached and dyed blue or something though! I just don't think I could deal with the upkeep (it's so easy right now, anyway, since I don't have to worry about rebleaching except when I get too much cut off) though, so I haven't bothered yet In the past I've had blue streaks (ugh why) and red streaks (this was also bad). This is the only time I've actually picked something that looks good (I was just really dumb in middle school)
  17. When a child asks who the mommy is you explain that that person has two daddies and that's okay because they're just as good as having two mommies or a mommy and a daddy or anything else. Not everyone believes in what the bible says, and they have no reason to be forced to. Your orientation is not influenced by your parents' genders. That's ridiculous. If the child is going to be gay then they will be gay. If they are going to be straight then they will be straight. Probably the only thing that having gay parents will influence is the child's tolerance and respect for other gay couples they may encounter later on in life.
  18. That's not how our brains work, though... that's what we're taught and raised to think. We grow up seeing girls playing with dolls and cooking and doing "feminine" things while boys play sports, create things, and do other, more active "masculine" activities. This builds the idea in our brains that boys are supposed to do the hard work (and therefore are strong) while girls should stay at home and cook because they're not strong enough to do a boy's job. We only profile genders in this way because this is how we are expected to think in our society. If you were raised in a society that valued other things you would probably think differently about gender roles than you do now.
  19. This! When I came out as bisexual in 8th grade a lot of people I knew (it being an all girls school) started getting anxious around me and I had no idea why! I'm still the same person, and I'm not going to lust after every other girl there... especially if I hadn't been like that before I came out!
  20. I agree with what you're saying about the fear/lack of openness being a problem in relationships. I still believe that the fear of open relationships or being labelled/seen as being promiscuous (and that in turn being seen as a bad thing) is still the fault of our society though. It isn't the entire reason, but it's part of it. As for you being hurt... (I'm not trying to belittle your feelings because they're totally valid!) But just remember that love isn't a tangible thing--it doesn't run out or have a limit. If being poly isn't your thing that's fine (that's not what I'm trying to argue, it's fine if you're not comfortable with it) but many people are still capable of giving 100% of their affection to more than one person at a time. Not everyone, but some people can, myself included.
  21. Those ocelots are so cute! You like the same things as me, haha
  22. I personally would never consider it for myself (under current situations at least), but I have nothing against it for other people! There is always a risk of (if planning to have children) negative traits being passed on if both parents have the correct genes, but this is still true for anyone else who has children, whether they are related or not. If it is consenting, however, and the parents are willing to deal with any problems that may arise due to genetics (if it is relevant for them), then I don't see anything wrong with it. If someone's partner is related to them and they're not sexually active or they're using proper protection and not trying to have a baby, then even the genetics issue isn't a problem any more. If the people involved are happy and consenting that's all that matters to me!
  23. I'm from Pittsburgh, PA but I'm currently living in Rochester, NY for college.
  24. I love cats more than anything, but I have a soft spot for shiba inu too
  25. Lovecraft Over the past couple days I've been reading through as much as I can find! And hm... knitting? That isn't too weird or anything though. I don't really have any strange obsessions right now, wow o_o