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    I'm a writer; I write fantasy/modern novels and hope to be published some day. I love dragons =D and I'm also a freelance photographer. I'm going back to school sometime in the near future to either complete my degree in photography at college or I'll be off to university to study History. There's still so much for me to figure out lol
    I have an obsession with collecting rare and CB dragons. I also have a thing for even-gens and Nebulas. I like making lineages and breeding, I think it's an amazing feature to this site. I'm still somewhat new to DC so I'm just trying to get used to how the game works and attempting to collect as many dragons as I can. I'm often on the AP hunting for eggs/hatchies. I've managed to get a few awesome grabs since I joined and planning to get many more! =)
    P.S: My current signature will tell you what dragons I'm currently collecting.