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  1. Wolf's rain is about some people-wolves finding Paradise, but when another different wolf appears... Darcia, he wants to open a world full of darkness and bad... It's an actually great show. It comes in 30 different episodes
  2. Everybody I hope has a happy valentines day!
  3. I love playing the piano, but practicing is a pain!
  4. My dog just wants a walk, and will literally tear down the house for it!
  5. Apparently there are new pets called ocelots in the jungle biome, and they tend to be very shy... They come into three different skins. And you can still breed them as cats and get... KITTENS!!!
  6. What do you think about nonstop all day long? Is it about you family, friend issues, your interests, what? Favorite animals? What about your spirit animal?
  7. once i saw a big red eye looked out from the bottom of the stairs around a corner at me from the basement. I threw dog food at it and it disappeared, but to this day i still am scared about going into the cellar. my mom made me go back down and pick up all the food off the floor, but it still scared me in the cellar