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  1. 36,948 How do you only have 163 posts? You've being here for almost half a year longer than me
  2. 36,946... Skip a few... 999,999
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    Five Parts (Paragraphs) of a Movie Review Opening: Catch the Reader's Attention Think about how advertisements sell movies: "trailers" show you a few seconds of the movie to get you interested. When you begin your movie review, make your own "trailer." If you liked the movie, then your trailer should make people want to see it; but if you didn't like it, the trailer should be something that shows why you didn't like it. Don't explain why you liked it or didn't like it; make the reader like or not like the movie by what you describe. Begin your review by retelling an incident or moment from the movie which you think captures the spirit of the movie as you understood it. Alternative: Begin your review with another kind of story or interesting fact--about one of the star actors, or about the making of the movie, or about the director. Second Paragraph: Take Care of Business Near the beginning of the review, you have to tell the reader all the obligatory stuff--the title of the movie, the director, the studio, the main actors, the year it was made (if you watched it on video), the rating. This paragraph tells the reader the things they have to know about the movie. Also, in one sentence or two, you should explain very simply what the movie is all about not necessarily what happens, but what might work, too, if you can say it in one two sentences. Third Paragraph: Character and plot summary What happens in the movie? You shouldn't tell everything that happens--and especially not the ending. But you want to summarize the basic plot of the movie, in more detail than you do in the paragraph above. One way to do this might be to write a sentence about each main character. Fourth Paragraph: A Key Moment or Idea In this paragraph, go into detail about something important that interested you about the movie. If it was a musical, you should say something about the songs. Or if the soundtrack was good, talk about that. Or write more about one character who was really intriguing. Or retell another big moment from the movie and explain why it is important. If you think the "idea" behind a movie was really interesting, explain that idea and talk about it a little bit. In this paragraph, you must go into depth about the movie Fifth Paragraph: Evaluate the Movie Do you recommend it or not? Who will like it (kids or adults)? The most important thing here is that you must also explain why you are making your re commendation. You must justify your opinion--and that opinion should grow out of what you write in the rest of the review. Give at least two reasons why you liked or didn't like the movie ((Hahahaha, English homework Its soooo boring))
  4. ((Sorry! Haven't being too active lately! Since I don't know where anyone is, I'll start like this.)) Liam sat in the corner of his room, it was dark, cold and wet. The windows were boarded up well, and made the building very dark. He had no weapons but a baseball bat which he could hardly swing, food supplies were low and the zombies of his dead family were moaning upstairs. He kept them to try and remember the past. He would need to make a food run soon.
  5. Username: Pinkieseb Name: Liam Appearance: Scrawny build, never played much sports before the world went to hell. Unless you consider video games as a sport. He is very intellegent and that is what kept him alive most of the time, he is also pretty fast. Age: 19 Gender: Male Personality: RP'ed
  6. I haven't RP'ed in a while, do you think I could join?
  7. A fullstop is a period, I just call it a fullstop because I'm used to calling it that. Sorry for any confusion
  8. Hey! Im not an approver but here is some questions I think you could answer in the post to make it a bit more detailed. Goodluck! Why? What happened. Change the start to Unicorns used to live in harmony... Change the colon ( into a comma. What abilities, how do the abilities work? Is there a history between the ghost and the unicorns? Why does the ghost want them to be split up so much? Remember to add a fullstop at the end of each rule. Can you give any more information about the ranks? What they do, any special authority they get? Heres a little tip for the sign up form, add [code*] and [/code*] at the start and end of the form. Remember to remove the *!
  9. If you all want to restore your characters get the Creative Mode mod! Thats what I did Loving the game, I'm a massive modder, people go crazy in servers when they see my modded ship, or when I play smoke on the water on guitar
  10. Bloodvein agreed, "Lower rich district it is then!". He put on his mask and hoped the others would do the same to lower the chances of being caught. After that Bloodvein looked out the window, it would be hours until night. He threw off his mask then jumped onto his bed.
  11. Flague rolled all four eyes in different directions toward Jazz, "Screwdrivers let me mod HUD's duh!" This human was to stupid for Flague to even bargin with, he gave up and attempted to pull loose bits of rock out of the hole in the wall to use as weapons or tools.
  12. The TARDIS was smoking heavily when it decided to stop shaking madly. The Doctor pushed open the blue doors of the TARDIS open. He stepped outside and felt gentle rain, no snow. He looked around to see very thick fog covered everywhere. He spun around and locked the TARDIS so it would be there for him when he got back. "Where am I? It seems I'm in an alternate universe" He explained to no one in particular, "That would explain why the TARDIS broke...".
  13. Thanks, are we all starting together or are we going to find each other.
  14. User: Pinkieseb Name: The Doctor Age: 963 (cant remember exact number ) Gender: Male Side: Hero Weapons (if any): Sonic Screwdriver and the TARDIS (sort've) Powers (if any): Time Travel and a big brain Species: Time Lord From: Doctor Who Appearance: Did I really need this picture? Other: Allon-Z!
  15. What if I make a zombie character? Hmmm? So your character can be from any movie, cartoon, comic, book, ect? *goes to grab character sheet*
  16. ((I never played Skyrim, just so you know, your allowed to control Razor and Stripes to)) Bloodvein agreed with what Ulterion was saying, "Nice idea, what area do you suggest?" (What area of houses). He then noticed something in the corner of his eye, it was large pieces of cloth and it gave him an idea. He stood up and grabbed them then threw a piece to the other three, he proceeded to putting it on. "Doe's it change anything?"
  17. Bloodvein sat down at the table with the other dragons, "Well! Were gonna have to do something, ideas?" Now the gang was together Bloodvein didnt quite know what they should do as a gang and hoped someone else would have an idea, a good idea.
  18. Flague saw a tiny whole in the wall and poked one and a half eyes through it, looking at the other prisoner. Ha, humans.... Flague examined her cell for any cards he could try to steal, he couldnt see any in plain sight so he said "You wanna trade for anything? I could use a screwdriver made out of anything, or wire... I'll give you as many shop cards as you could dream of!" Flague was bluffing of course, but it was a human. He could easily outsmart this person.
  19. ((Halloween was yesterday for me ))
  20. ((Thats kinda an overreaction, im sorry, jeeze! Flague was always an inner ring prisoner I thought? I wasnt trying to begin an argument either... Ok that last edit makes sense, thanks for clearing that up...))
  21. ((Yeah, big table to eat/discuss gang activities ect)) Bloodvein looked over Ulterion's shoulder, "Sounds good!" he said about the food. He turned around and sat at the end of the table, he wasn't to hungry. Razors was the first of the two to walk in, he was quickly followed by stripes.
  22. ((Narath... Theal said this on the last page)) Flague could hear someone banging and screaming in the cell next to his. She was screaming for food. "Please Shut upppppp!!" Flague yelled back at her.
  23. Flague had been using the screwdriver for a long time, it was only plastic, thats how he got it in. It was slowly starting to bend and just as he finished putting the HUD back together it bent and snapped. "". He threw it at a corner of the room behind his bed and stood up to try out the sonar beam. He didnt have any extra wire so he needed to use wires and cords already in the HUD. Which meant every now and then a function of the HUD would shut down. He clicked a button on it and waited for a picture of his cell to appear from the sonar beams. The HUD instead made a purring noise then restarted itself. Nothing else happened. "Dammit...". He gave up and lay down on his bed, patientally waiting for an inspection and/or breakfast. ((Narath, you want your guard to come to Flague's cell orrrrr?))
  24. ((First off, 3k posts! Yay! Second off, sorry I havent posted in ages :/)) Bloodvein smiled and said "Four dragons... Good enough start. This way to HQ..." He led the dragons towards the building they had as a HQ, he showed them upstairs to their floor and told Razors and Stripes to choose a room then meet in the dining room. Bloodvein walked in there and assumed Ulterion would follow.