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  1. This has, no doubt, been asked before but..what is the deal with the "non-existent" eggs I see on Silvi's Lair? Sometimes I see a unusual egg, sometimes it is in the process of hatching, and when I click on it I am told "This egg does not actually exist". Is this a secret joke or prank? There are so many pages to sift through and I have limited time so please forgive me if it has been addressed before.
  2. I used t be part of unicreatures then I think there was a "fork" which was unifaction then all of a sudden...nothing, no explanations or anything. Of course this was a few years ago and it was kinda sad as I had a bunch of creatures I really liked but I will check out this Faenaria and hope it will be something promising (not that I don't have enough adoptable sites that I am part of already)
  3. Just wanted to say that this is my favorite event..Snow Wars! Not so much because I destroy stuff but I love making my own forts. It has been awhile since the last Snow Wars and really enjoyed building my "town". Wish we could do more of this type of thing.
  4. On my sixth time through I got all 24 items. Do we get any sort of "prize" for getting all the items in the story? Oh..and on the Trick-or-Treat items..I really liked the"Spyro the Dragon reference on the one item that looks like a dragon made of green stone
  5. I liked it. I liked the story because of how well it was written and even though I am no whiz at puzzles I still liked the Tetris kind. Yeah, it would have been nice to see a wrap-up or something, I kinda thought there would be a special egg or something but I didn't see anything. Nonetheless it was fun. P.S: I have to admit that I didn't read the stories in their entirety and I should have. A lot of work was put into this just like all the other events and I appreciate them even if I don't read thoroughly. I would have participated in the puzzles more but I had the flu so I was just not able to play puzzles as much as I would have liked.
  6. Anyone know what has happened to the site? It has been down now for two days. Before it would be down for a hour or so but now....I cannot help but wonder if that site has been abandoned.
  7. I don't come to the forum hardly at all but I do like the new format. I appreciate having the login boxes on the same page so one need not go to a special page just for that. Yes, the page does look a tad cramped but I hardly spend time there since once I click on an area I can just navigate wherever I want using the menu or the biome menu. It looks nice.
  8. I ended up getting a virus...twice via a update for Spybot S&D. I figured I got it from a server that wasn't from my own country but then again maybe it was coincidence. Since then I shy away from Spybot. Another time was from some website but it was easy to get rid of as I did a virus scan in safe mode...did the trick. Now I am very careful what I click on and when I access my DeviantArt site..I won't click on any ads..too risky.
  9. You know, at first I though "Adventure Time" was just "meh" but now I kind of like it. I am not sure I have a favorite character though I like Lady Rainicorn and Marcelene. The animation is..well, kiddish but who cares, that's the whole point, right?
  10. FullMetal Alchemist: Maes Hughes...he was always such a fun character. It made me cry to see everyone sad including Major Armstrong and Col. Mustang Wrath....all he wanted was to be with his mommy again. At least in the movie "Conquerors of Shambala" he finally got his wish. Nina as the Chimera....her dad, Shou Tucker was desperate and turned her into a tortured beast. The Slicer Brothers....I felt bad for them especially when Edward came to understand them more and they too seemed to be at peace when they seen that someone actually cared for them. The one brother that was in the body of the armor..that one was even more sad because Ed was trying to save him yet he wanted his existence to end. Ed was torn up by the brother's actions to end his existence. Greed....I don't know...I kind of liked him in a weird way. Digimon: Wizardmon...he was such a cute little guy. Dark Wargreymon...he had his problems and all he wanted, in the end, was to find his purpose. Mummymon...he loved Arukenimon (sp) so much that he attacked Venom Myotismon after he killed her (I think that was it). Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter: Though it is a video game it made me sad when Bosch is killed by his best friend, Ryu. Though he basically begged Ryu to do so..it was sad and it pained Ryu to do so as well. There are others..I just have to think of them.
  11. Well..since I am s glutton for punishment, I put in my E-Mail too. If it is a joke it was a good one, if not then I am happy. Either way it was interesting.
  12. I am a bit confused here. IF this is real then how would one get an invite from another if the only way to register is to get an invite? As much as I'd like to register for the Dino Cave I fear that we may have been totally pawned. As a side note I was not really in the market to read 56+ pages on this so sorry if my question has already been answered.
  13. Some of the best games I have played so far is the Sly Cooper trilogy, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Dark Cloud 2, Final Fantasy 12 and the all the Jak and Daxter games except the Jak X Combat racing one.
  14. Yep. I got two of them though I wish they could be bred but since they are not "alive" then breeding would be a slight problem I guess.
  15. Wow. I came to my dragons today and was very surprised by the new updates. I really like it. Makes Dragon Cave more interesting too. I appreciate the work you went through.