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  1. Both very gorg sprites thx TJ!!
  2. Hmmm.... still 9 to go but have to go to bed now;_: Just see if I can get up quite early tomorrow??
  3. Quite dark fancy pattern!!! Oh I love it....seems it can be my next fav
  4. Congrats to the lucky ones!!! Eager to see new prize dragon;_;!!
  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww three little beauties!
  6. Thank you TJ! Bravo TJ!!
  7. Tsunami adults are not as chubby as I imagined, but goodlook anyway. I love both the 2 breeds! And the shimmer one please grow up quickly!!!
  8. Happy birthday DC!!!!❤ Thank you TJ for all the splendid creatures<3!!! I rushed to the cave and find no eggs there, I checked my purples and spitfires, finding them all female......Argh!==
  9. It does show on firefox! Maybe you can check it again8D
  10. 3 eggs so far.. I've got a pretty purple egg with lightning crossing down it><love this pattern so much
  11. Good news TJ^^Thanx!! Love those dinos Now waiting for the invitation
  12. I wonder if I'm the only one who think heartseeker looks like a wonderful mate for sweetling(it sounds weird I know>< Their appearances are just perfect!
  13. Haven't got it yet!!!T______________T