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  1. jdncshdncsljk John doesn't need cats sometimes, howard does need cats sometimes, like John's kitten. (0.0) trjhmn
  2. I am right handed for sure. I have tried writing with my left hand, and I seem to be quite neat. I am slow though, and it is very uncomfortable. It also starts to hurt my hand after a while. I am still a righty though, full stop.
  3. I had a dream where I was cross breeding giraffes to make them into different colours. After a while of cross breeding I eventually managed to make a bright green giraffe. Then I talked to my grandparents about it. They wouldn't believe it, so I showed them the giraffe. My dream ended at about there.
  4. What annoys me a lot is when I call something by the proper name, then everybody gets cross at me and forces me to call it the way they say it. For example; I pronounced Uranus the proper way, which is Your-uh-nus. Then, everybody in the class (Including the teacher) got cross at me and told me to pronounce it the wrong way, which is your-ay-nus. I was pretty annoyed after that.
  5. Ok... I tried VILD this morning. I think I almost got into sleep paralysis. So, I was repeating a made up dream in my head, like you should do. It was walking down a empty school corridor where I look at a billboard on the wall that had pieces of paper saying; "Are you dreaming?" At one point, I could feel everything as if I was going into the dream. I thought: "Yes! I'm going into the dream!" Then It went blank. I could feel my entire body as if it was in mild pins and needles, or that signature "buzzing". I thought: "Am I in sleep paralysis or something?" I didn't try moving. Then it ended, and I could move. I was wide awake again. I don't get that at all.
  6. So I'm not the only one to go on dragon cave forums in a lucid dream? I thought I was the only one... I tried getting another lucid dream this morning, but I never got it this time. It now seems like a once every few days thing to me. Yesterdays one was only my second lucid dream since I was a child, so I'm not sure about it yet. Isn't that a good thing?
  7. Yes! Got another one! The incubation technique works well. Plus, this time I got my own dream guide! I got him at around half way when I stormed off because I can't get a laser gun to shoot people. I do remember going on a computer and getting onto dragon cave forum. The set up of the forum in my lucid dream was spot on and I could read the words. But instead of General Discussion, I think it said something like 'Generated topic'.
  8. The old man probably had to do with this bus driver that I saw the day before... But, the night before the lucid dream, I had a nightmare. The bad guy in the nightmare was the same character I tried to magic up. I am scared to try WILD. I don't want to get into this state where I see figures in my room, or something. From what I read, some people wake up, but they don't get out of sleep paralysis or something, and they see these figures, or monsters of some sort in their room.
  9. How the do you magic up a dial? Honestly, I needed a watch to somehow make the dream last longer than usual, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not magic up one. I even tried imagining having one appear behind me and it didn't work... I also tried bringing up a made up character of mine. But instead, a random old man pops up! Can anybody give me tips on making stuff appear, without causing disappointment of any sorts?
  10. 1.To get that one super power I always wanted. 2.To get telported to a fantasy land that I made up, where I won't go back to earth. 3. I'd keep this wish untill I needed it, or if I regret my other wishes. So, i'd be in a fantasy world with my awesome superpower.
  11. If you get a lucid dream, and you can tell the dream is faltering for some reason, you should look around at your surroundings. It will reinforce your dream, and stop you from waking up. Usually. I finally managed to get a lucid dram last night. It was great, but I never managed to get a watch when I needed one...
  12. Usually on the first day the snow is nice and soft, but in the next day it gets thin layer of ice at the top.
  13. I don't like Pepsi much. To me, it tastes not as nice. Plus, in my country, Pepsi is not sold much. So, I have to say Coke.
  14. http://www.cheatbook.de/wallpapers/walls/s...wallpaper_1.jpg My wall paper. And, if you know what video game this is from, I will give you a cookie.
  15. I wish I can play multiplayer, but I am not aloud. So, I have been mucking around... They are my little babbys!
  16. I can visualise stuff in images if I wanted, but it is hazy, sometimes I would visualise what I am about to do, but not usually. Technically, I think about what I can see using words. Take a book for a example. sometimes characters will 'think'. The author can sometimes write: The boy thought about going to the dairy. Usually, the author would write: "I should go to the dairy..." The boy thought, "And... I'll buy some sweets." That is my little explanation. Dreams are the same. I am in it, and I still got the nonstop commentary. Even in 3rd person dreams (you watching everything happening) I get the nonstop commentary. That could be a little problem, because my thoughts can wonder, and I can start thinking about scary stuff suddenly. For example, I might suddenly think this: "I hope the slender man is not here..." That is a no-no in dreams. You can guess where that thought could take me... But how can you have times where there is no words in your head? Can you explain what it is like?...An entire explanation about it.
  17. I want to click the links... put it is 8 pm and I don't want to get scared... I'm not clicking.
  18. It's funny how over here that it's the summer holidays. I'm glad I live in the south hemisphere. The holidays are around Christmas too!