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  1. That'll take a bit of work, but why not give it a shot
  2. I was wondering what would work with this, caught it on the AP and the best i have right now would be This, but I wan't something better for my best AP find ever
  3. Just grabbed This, should I keep it :/
  4. I've only ever seen one and I missed it
  5. Can i be re-added to the lists??
  6. I need a male sunset from male magma x female sunset as a mate for This magma, willing to breed anything on my scroll for it. Thanks.
  7. What would this pink be worth???? Lineage
  8. Reading this thread fills me with a great sense of optimism for when my Ice grows up and I can try to summon. But seriously, you've got me worried.
  9. Okay so I traded my CB Vamp for a CG Hellfire Hatchie, did I undersell it? And another question: How much are CB Splits worth?
  10. This pillow tinselfail: Lineage Pity it wasn't a tinsel though
  11. And another question; How much is a CB vamp bitten by a CB vamp worth??
  12. It's not mine, but I saw a mint with the code "Alex"
  13. Darn, this was a misclick too. Well, next to the AP in five hours then.
  14. I need a mate for this tinsel, not sure what I am looking for, willing to offer most anything on my scroll, or one of their offspring. Thanks~schusteralex2
  15. I got a Pebble, magi, Electric, and Nillia pygmy.