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  1. Dragon Registration Form: Dragon Breed:Water Codes of Raised Adults: gYI3k Dragon Registration Form: Dragon Breed:Balloon Codes of Raised Adults: Dragon Registration Form: Dragon Breed:Stone Codes of Raised Adults: n1M12 ujNCH caQNB TTTmX Dragon Registration Form: Dragon Breed: Split Codes of Raised Adults: rVNBY m1C3T E7bXd FrQVt Total Dragons: 9 Total Points: 13
  2. Yep, I don't like cheating, even if it's accidental
  3. Okay I just wasn't sure if that included hatchies :/
  4. Can you trade for competition hatchies :/
  5. How many gens would you need for a PB EG Trio to be equal in value to a CB, or will it ever be. (I believe this goes here, but if it doesn't, tell me)
  6. I want to participate! Forum Name:schusteralex2 Scroll Link:http://dragcave.net/user/schusteralex2 Trophy:Bronze PM Link:Here Next Competition Breed Suggestions: Purple, Nocturne, Stone Bonus: Shallow water Proof I Can Read:I love Dinosaurs
  7. That is an amazing lineage I would grab it but I'm locked
  8. I'm going to start wit hmy CB Seawyrm pygmy with the code (Wifes)
  9. Grabbed 4 turpentine's, and gifted 1
  10. If anyone want's a sibling to This, PM me and we can work something out
  11. What would this tinsel be worth: Lineage??
  12. What could I get with This Tinselfail Dorkface Thuwed pink???? Also, what would a messy, inbred silver, specifically This be worth :/
  13. I'd like to be added to the list please!
  14. Gift Report: celis -> schusteralex2: Silver egg Metallic received: http://dragcave.net/lineage/bU003
  15. Okay. You just want to make sure I'm not multi-scrolling?? Gotcha there. But he does give me a bunch of stuff he doesn't want, like CB pinks, so bear that in mind
  16. No, thats my brother, not me. I know that our usernames our similar but he is NOT me >
  17. Forum ID: schusteralex2 Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/schusteralex2 PM Link:Here we go Proof that I read the rules: Holding Hands
  18. First post in the new thread I really wish that my golds would have cooperated by now, but they haven't, and I just found out my silver is inbred O.o