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smokeydadragon.pngSmokey is my cuddely Fursona, a bundle of laughs plus a heap of fur. She likes Purple Jelly and apricots and hates dark days and rain! Her coat is a eye-blinding colour-defying hunk of furriness and her long tail she often trips up on. She is a young teenager in Wolf years, and likes to be alone but still has a small group of friends. Smokey loves the winter and often snuggles in with her favourite toy dog, Milkshake.

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    Umm.... I like Chicken Smoothie, Wolves, DragonCave, Animal Jam, My Little Pony, My Little Pony Spoofs, Super Mario Galaxy Original and 2, I like the smell of Smoke, and I was born on the day before Guy Fox, so that's why I call myself :: "Smokey.T.Wolf or SmokeyDaWolfie"