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  1. Take good care of the little one and please do not trade it away. https://dragcave.net/teleport/a93bdb9233cfe3153278458ce154802b Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. Please take it to keep it, not to trade it otherwise. https://dragcave.net/teleport/01ae835723d8a0f9ba0c33c9b1767354
  3. I took the little one home with me. Thanks a lot!
  4. Have: CB chicken egg Want: New Halloween or very low gen from Spriters alt edit: gone
  5. I had a quite pleasant community day today! I got myself 3 shiny Chicoritas, one of them i evolved into Meganium, one into Bayleaf. And when i came home i had a golden Geodude sitting on my doorstep, waiting for me to invite it into my pokedex. Hello little fellow, make yourself comfortable....๐Ÿ˜
  6. Again, the raids went on without me. It'd a pity i don't know enough players in my town to form a group big enough to do legendary raids. *sigh*
  7. That's cool! I'm 55 myself.... Don't know, if i can join the community day effectly, because we'll go for a short holiday starting tomorrow and i don't know if there are any stops nearby. And there probably won't be enough players around to do an Arctos raid...
  8. Oh, my bad! Although it'd be gorgeous if it were available in pokemon go! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  9. I'm Dunziel. I'm amazed to hear that there's a shiny corsola form...didn't get one, but that's ok. Oh, and rayheart, so you're the one who was there in Dortmund too? Because it was you, who send me gifts from Dortmund pokestops Are you living near? Thanks to all of you, who have send me so many beautiful gifts. I didn't go out today, so i ran out of gifts and couldn't return gifts today. I'll try tomorrow!
  10. Well, there were really a lot of players in Dortmund ( newspaper says 170.000) AND the event was a real pain, at least on the first day with player who were in the park. ( There was a bug, that kicked players who used "smoke" out of their account for up to 7 hours!). So it could be for both reasons that Corsolas are still around here. I was very surprised, but i do not mind,
  11. Yes, Rosalia usually holds a red and a blue rose. The shiny version is holding a black and a blue rose. It looks very nice!
  12. The event is finally over. Today i heared it was a bit better with internet connection in the park. We only took a short walk in another pretty place, Phรถnixsee, and i got myself a shiny Roselia, a shiny Pikachu and a shiny Aerodactyl. I'm more than content with the event.๐Ÿ˜ It's a shame that i can't trade with you here. I only recently learned, that both trading partners have to be within a 100 meter radius.*sigh* I'd have some corsolas to share.....
  13. That safari zone event has me worn out totally! The sun was burning the whole day and at the event's center, the Westfalen Park, there were such an enormous amount of people, that the internet crashed every few minutes. So we (my husband and my 2 sons) went for hunt in areas of the city other than the park, where we know some pokestops are. The event pokemon appeared throughout the whole city. Well, what can i say, the results were not bad at all! We all were able to catch lots of Corsolas and all the Unknowns that are required to spell the name DORTMUND.๐Ÿ˜Ž AND there were tons of Larvitars, Sla
  14. Hello, i thought i'll join in to friends requests. My Poke user name is Dunziel and my trainercode is 3402 6020 0814. I'm from Germany btw and i'm looking foreward to swap with you. I' m living in Dortmund the town that hosts the safari zone event this upcoming weekend. I'm extremly hyped!๐Ÿ˜ Now i'll check the thread to send some requests myself.
  15. If i didn't miscount, there are 109 flowers to gather?
  16. Have: 3rd gen even Heartstealer with raged Aegis mates https://dragcave.net/lineage/We8Up Want: CB Sweetling or something related to Spriters Alt in base, nothing messy please Make an offer on my
  17. Happy Easter to all fellow dragon egg hunters! Also a big "Thank You " to all who work hard to keep this site so much fun!
  18. I said nothing and got a normal Minty....i will love it for sure!
  19. the site seems to be down for me ...*sigh* edit: nevermind, it's back!
  20. Aww! How sweet! I caught myself a little christmas Pikachu! I still need some other candies, otherwise i'd take it as a buddy right away...
  21. Happy Halloween fellow dragon lovers! I'm perfectly scroll locked and even my one and only zombie attempt was a sucess! The hatchies look so nice and promising! And the event was and is fun to play. Thanks for all involved creating this event for us! So all in all it's a very good DC Halloween for me.
  22. Thanks to my Buddy Pikachu, i was able to evolve me a Raichu Of course i didn't evolve the little guy sitting on my shoulder... i just begged him to stand back for a while, because now i have to collect some Geodude candies...ONLY 56 more before i can evolve me a Golem....bwahhh....!!
  23. Ohmm, not sure, but about evolving Evoli to the type you want: I've heared you can repeat the naming trick by resetting the name of Rainer ect. to another name and then use the name Rainer on another Evoli so it will become a Vaporeon? I haven't tried yet, but it may be worth a try?