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  1. The person I bred this for isn't active anymore, so I hope someone here can take care of it
  2. Gosh dangit, I missed out on this release. Oh well, I'll absolutely be hoarding these beauties next Halloween
  3. Oh wow, these dragons are so beautiful! Too bad you can't breed them together, they do make for a lovely set.
  4. I remember a forum I used to visit where, whenever you create a post, there's a checkbox for enabling emojis. If you check it, your emoticons will appear as emojis, if you uncheck it, they'll appear the way they're written. That way, everyone gets to choose if they want emojis or not, which I'd say is the best solution for making everyone happy. Of course I don't know if that's even possible with this forum software, and it doesn't resolve the issue of emojis looking different from platform to platform, but it's just a thought ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. https://dragcave.net/lineage/MRsON Mr. Son. It would be pretty funny if it turned out female, though
  6. Yes please. The only aspect of this game I find more frustrating than popular suggestions not being added, is the fact that there's almost never an explanation for why popular suggestions aren't being added. Here's hoping TJ finds the time to reply to this thread, at least... Come to think of it, as far as I've seen, it seems like any major site update is added on Dragcave's birthday. I really like Hazeh's idea of integrating an agree/disagree poll into every suggestion thread and having TJ respond to the highest voted ones. It's only natural that Dragcave's birthday gift would be whatever its userbase wants the most, right? As long as TJ approves of it, of course.
  7. Ooh, I recognize the Aethers now that they're grown up. I didn't really pay attention to their development, I just remember looking at the finished adults and reaally hoping they'd be released soon. The same goes for the Pipios <3 Thank you TJ and spriters! It's been interesting seeing a release where a lot of people know what they are. Instead of waiting for the surprise, we already knew we were in for a treat. I wouldn't mind seeing DR releases more often.
  8. Aah I know what the pygmy is, and it's my absolute favorite dragon request ever! I'm so excited
  9. I really like the idea of showing both text and sprites for people who have unlocked the encyclopedia. Memorizing egg descriptions isn't an issue for me personally, but it must be pretty daunting for newer users. Not to mention frills/horses and sun/moonstones. The randomness feels less like a fun challenge and more like an unnecessary layer of frustration. It's not that big of an issue though, so if loading more images is going to slow things down, then whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. I don't care what the future requirements are, as long as they are a bit broader than the current one. I think that for a lot of people, "raise 3 wyrms" is synonymous with "raise 3 red-tailed wyrms" since xenos are so uncommon. I don't think that'll be an issue though, since literally every body type is broader than wyrm (counting xenos as one breed)
  11. At this point, the only breed I don't have on my scroll is blue dino. I keep seeing them in the cave, too, but I always miss them
  12. Ooh, pretty! The boreals are unremarkable, but I'm always up for more snowy, pretty dragons. The ash is awesome too! Good job spriters
  13. Nothing really happened, my dentist just checked for cavities and told me to floss as usual. But I realized I might have a problem because my reaction to my dentist poking around in my mouth was not "ew a stranger's hands are in my mouth", it was more like "yay, someone is actually touching me!" I may need to hug people more often.
  14. You know, I think that's what's bothering me about the sprites as well. They look somehow un-polished, like the sprites aren't bad, but there's a bunch of minor adjustments that could still be made. I hope they'll grow on me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. I don't see why refusals can't be removed altogether. It's not a fun or interesting gameplay mechanic, it just makes you go through a few extra steps to decrease the chance of an important dragon becoming permanently useless. I'm all for breeding having a chance to fail, but when that failure can be permanent, you're just punishing the player for no real reason. Anyway, I doubt TJ would remove a feature after all these years, so a BSA sounds like a nice compromise. Mutamores sound like the best option given their breed description, even if having such a useful BSA restricted to a single holiday dragon would be kind of frustrating. Also, if it could only be used within, say, a week of valentine's day, it would fit well within DC's usual standard of rewarding players for patience. No matter how it's pulled off, I support this suggestion
  16. I love the sprite updates because of how well the artists managed to preserve the original look of the sprites. The only ones that bother me are the winter seasonals, but that's probably just because they're my favorite so I'm less open to them changing. Actually, I think it's because of the shape and size of their heads, but I'll get used to it. I really love all these updates! The new dragons are beautiful as well.
  17. I like it, it's a cute idea. I think it would be best to only have one dragon in one color, so as not to make too big of a deal out of it, and because collecting each individual variety would take way too long otherwise. I don't really agree with the notion that you should have to work to get dragons, because... you really don't? Getting dragons, with the exception of in-cave rares, is the easiest part of the game.
  18. This is the most wonderful event in the history of wonderful events. I think I had a minty fangasm when I saw my dragons... Aah, I can't stop staring at their minty glory
  19. Wait, the freckled ones were completed really recently, weren't they? I can't believe I didn't recognize them The florets are magnificent as well!
  20. Sweet, my scroll just happened to be open. What delightful Easter eggs! Just need some purple ones and I'll be done
  21. I accidentally froze one of my CB Radiant Angels. Unfreeze action when?
  22. Got a 'no interest' from an irreplaceable pair despite using fertility on both. At least it wasn't a refusal, but still
  23. I was trying to get a Seasonal... but ok, I'll take it
  24. It's so pretty and serene! Possibly my new favorite Christmas dragon.