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  1. ! Fascinated by the paranormal! My fave experience was at Newhaven Fort, i caught a pic of a shodow walking down the stairs and a record of footsteps with heavy boots. My next experience in my room, CD player decides to turn itself off and on, it has happened regularly. My Auntie went to a psychic who said something about our house. We apparantly have: A little boy called Jack or Josh who tragically died after fiddling with candles. We also have a girl about 12 (no name) who was being bullied constantly and committed suicide. The last person is a childrens nurse, we don't have a nam
  2. Doctor who has gotten worse over the years! Matt Smith is awful. Tom Baker, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant were epic.
  3. At the moment i'm playing super pokemon rumble for the 3DS-completed it in 2 days .
  4. They're all pretty awful. Lady Gaga. >.> Only because, her "Edge Of glory" was epic-i sung it to my mates.
  5. I collect stone dragons, i have loads. I also collect pokemon (2,467) and yu-gi-oh cards (1,459)
  6. Worst movie i have ever seen: The day the earth stood still. BORING! So boring that i fell asleep.
  7. Voted as well. Amazing artists, good luck to everyone! =)
  8. Favorite songs! oh man, gosh rather hard: Moves like Jagger~Maroon 5 Set fire to the rain~Adele Jar of hearts~Christina Perri Monkey Man~The Specials CanCan~Madness Lip up Fatty~Bad Manners Kids in America~Kim Wilde You should be dancing~Bee Gees Ruby~Kaiser Chiefs My heart will go one~Celine Dion (Beautiful! Love it so much, reminds me of my grandad)
  9. I love Chris d'lacey and Steve Cole. Chris d'lacey did some cool dragon books, i'm trying to find the next one of his series DarkFire
  10. I love to dream!! I have had thousands of them! My most weirdest: I was a spy on a mission to destroy an enemy base and barbie was the leader >.<! My partners were zorua and a shaymin (from pokemon) i have no idea how it ended since my alarm woke me .
  11. Well, i think its okay to be gay and to get married gay. my mum has loads of gay friends. Most people at my school bully people that are gay, but its awful! There still human and there is nothing wrong with being gay!
  12. I love Adele's "set fire to the rain". She is amazing. I also quite like Celine Dion's "my heart will go on". My third favorite is Kaiser Chiefs "Ruby".
  13. My first video game i played was on an old DS. I played nintendogs :3 so cute.