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  1. Oh, the pygmy is just as good, I need to catch more of them. What a great release! Thank you Process and Infinis!
  2. Oh wow! I LOVE the Skysilk adult! Especially those beautiful wings. So glad I've caught 3 pairs of them. I think they'll look awesome with Fire Gems.
  3. Aaaand grabbed my 62nd egg =D So many beautiful and creative designs this year! It was a lot of fun collecting them. My favourites:
  4. Yay, finally got my own egg: Glad so many people liked it~ As you can probably guess, I am a big fan of Studio Ghibli movies. So when I got the chance to submit an entry for the FoE, I decided to make something I've always wanted to see in my basket (really, I had this idea for years). I think the sprite turned out okay considering I have never attempted pixel art before. Thank you for the idea ^_~ Now back to hunting!
  5. I lost 5 levels and all the changes I did to my fort are reverted...
  6. Just saw the adults, they are so beautiful <3 Great release!
  7. I picked up an egg named Polly! But my Aeon says it will be male lol
  8. I can't believe I actually won. I got a Silver Tinsel - just what I wanted! The funny thing is that I almost forgot to check the raffle page 'cause I didn't expect to win anything
  9. Thank you so much to the person who nominated me! This was a very nice surprise I'm very honoured to be listed here!
  10. Right click --> "Copy image link". Then paste it in your signature =3
  11. I keep submitting hard puzzles for Ice since day one. I even tried to make a banner Of course, it's far from perfect, but I think it's better than nothing. and Go Team Ice! =D
  12. I love these dragons! So beautiful, so elegant! Thank you Fiona and Odeen, you never dissapoint! And both my babies are named now =D
  13. I love the colors of these eggs! ❤️
  14. Someone mentioned earlier that TJ confirmed on IRC that custom codes won't be a part of the new raffles:
  15. Yes, that's what I'm going to do if I ever win!
  16. Actually, Yellow are lindwurms (like Blusangs).
  17. They are all amazing, but Blue, White and Pink are definitely my favorites! Thank you spriters!
  18. The blue one is an eastern dragon, yay~ And so gorgeous!
  19. Oh, I love that white adult! ❤️
  20. Yay, I have a pair of each! All hatched healthy~ Can't wait to see the adults!
  21. lol, I still haven't caught a single CB Nexus exactly because I always forget its description XD
  22. What are CB Aeons and CB Nexus Dragons worth? Is it possible to get one of them for a 3rd gen Bronze Shimmer? Or for a CB Almandine hatchie?
  23. These little guys are pretty tough to crack Mine don't even show holes yet... Well, at least they aren't sick.