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  1. As a huge Marvel fan, in conclusion, Yes.
  2. I guess the fact that a high number of people didn’t manage to collect all the eggs kinda begs for an additional day. Tbh I wouldn’t mind up to a week of casually collecting.
  3. Seconded going back for previous eggs!
  4. For the first time since I began playing I’m not going to be able to collect all the eggs. Guess that’s what I get for hanging out with friends for a day and a half.
  5. Oof, how much time do I have left to collect the eggs? I’ve only gotten 26 over the past days because I’ve been so busy.
  6. Today I played with the dog.
  7. Well, worth a shot! I’m generally free most of the time, so I figure shoot me a message and we’ll see what happens!
  8. I got a 3.1 mil gsp on my best character? Idk though, online with me’s rough, esp when my internet decides to be the worst it can be. The lag.
  9. I’m glad! Love thinking up names for deadlines. (I’ll keep that in mind)
  10. What a gorgeous dragon! Totally deserving of its release. Huge congrats to the artists ❤️
  11. I’m stuck with no image showing up on my mobile screen (iPad, safari) despite multiple refreshes, after it froze on me in the first hour and I refreshed one time it into utter nonexistence, I guess. Super frustrating, because accessing it on my computer is both hit and miss and time consuming due to the computer being a butt.
  12. ios here. Game’s still not showing up.
  13. Been having an interesting time online. Certainly no better way to learn than getting yourself beat up. Happy to exchange FCs for matches against anyone here!
  14. Aaaaand online sucks, apparently. Still gonna try it out when I can be bothered to spend the money. Having fun figuring out how Wolf plays!
  15. Super hyped. I plan to spend more time online this time around haha
  16. If it ever starts snowing here I’ll be very concerned.
  17. Bringing up an old post, but I gotta say, I’m pretty much right with you! My experience went entirely like this: I’m a collector with very strict limits. 35 of each dragon, ten nicely lineaged (usually checkers). 15 messies per breed get frozen. It’s to keep certain frustrations my dumb brain will have in check. So I was out of freeze slots and decided to try and find a CB Omen on the AP. I don’t do 2gs so well... unless they’re ‘special’. I like to breed and gift the offspring of those. As far as I know, I’ve never asked any Important People for offspring, so if I get lucky or gifted something, share the love! I caught an Omen. Saw it was lineaged. Decided to check. Messy. Can’t freeze, about to toss it back in— And I saw the alt. The wave of disappointment was crushing. But I kept it, for a moment. Maybe a freeze slot would come back. Checked the news thread. The memes immediately struck me as mean-spirited. I’m assuming that’s because I mostly see such memes surrounding mean-spirited things, plus I’d just had experienced a disappointment related to it. To the discord! It was absolutely wild in there. In good fun, too, I quickly found out. It was my own fault for having a specific playstyle. Little sad from not being able to join in fully, though. Freeze slot came back. My Omen hadn’t hatched then, so I was watching the chaos and an offer for a messy lil egg from a blue alt came up! A friend for my pink alt child! I didn’t turn it down. I still only had one freeze slot available, but I planned to hold on for a second and freeze them both as S2s. ...Then I decided, what if I bred them to each other next year? So I precogged and named them and they’re going to make the messiest children. They’re so far the only messy adults I’ll allow on my scroll, and I love them. And that’s how you convert someone to the dark side.
  18. Nooooooo the poor floret!! Nobody’s coming out of this unscathed!
  19. Thanks! That gives me something to work with. I used to have pinpoint dimensions but I lost those and they probably didn’t fit the new forum design quite so well anyway.
  20. What are the dimensions of a dc signature? Specifically, across and how tall an image can be till it’s cut off. It might be different on mobile and desktop too?