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  1. Forgot to Fertilize my first and only 2nd gen SAkin https://dragcave.net/lineage/k3g0B and bred with one of my CB R. Angels a few days ago Got a refuse. I'll smash my remaining CB RA and her with Purple's Fertility as soon as I can breed them... I hate having a 2 CB limits for certain breeds.
  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!! CONGRATS Wow.... Wow I'm not an expert code collector, but... This is amazing!!
  3. Goodness, I'd like to have an action log JUST for influence. Ughhh, =_= Also making a hatchie influencable... Would be nice.
  4. 😍 I'm in love with those names! One of the weirdest names I've managed to got so far may be It's all helium for a Baloon. I'm not even sure if I got it right when I named him xD
  5. Hahah, nice! The one I've got so far, aside from a Fogged "PuuMT" is https://dragcave.net/lineage/oSBDY "oSBDY". At first I thought it was Obey xD it's really strange tho. And https://dragcave.net/lineage/WIl1z which reminds me of "Will" xD
  6. Haha, congrats Heather :3 I just... Got my first SAkin (For those who may be not familiar with these terms SA = Spriter's Alt) O_O I can't believe it! And the parents are so nicely named too >w< *final fantasy intensifies*
  7. I remember a certain page that says "Make all my eggs gold" My unreasonable demand is... Do it! Make it real, at least once in a while! Mwhahahahah Or even better, make questies to make people able to get them aside from hunting (I think I saw just one CB Gold in... 8 years?)
  8. I would like to be able to catch at least a couple of each of the new release eggs, and not being locked ;w; just for the newest release. Waiting for them to hatch is bittersweet. Also, I'd love to be able to freeze the eggs! Some of them are just too pretty T_T
  9. Me too, @littleangelamy22. I may not have enough for a gold, but... Back on topic, I noticed a general price increase, from a base of 100 shards to 700. Since I didn't unlock everything yet, I'll list some of the most notable increase: - Coppers are now 2,000 shards - Cheese are now 3,300 shards - Gw (Golden Wyvern) are now 2,100 shards - Ice are now 4,300 shards - Paper are now 4,700shards(!) - Silvers are now 3,500 shards - Thunders are now 4,400 shards (!) - Green Dino are now 2,600 shards - Purple Dino are now 3,200 shards
  10. Prices have raised a lot in just one day. The heck?! Maybe it's due to the new release? I'm in shock. D:
  11. Keep: Messy Neglected Abandon: Inbred Prize Kill: 20g GoN Randomness mode ON Deep sea, Monarch, Spessartine
  12. Ehhh.. After almost an hour... No win. Oh well, I'll take my time breeding Sun/Setsongs :x Congrats to all the winners!
  13. https://dragcave.net/lineage/hg4Et THIS. A red Fire Gem dragon, 4th EG with SA. I love this. ❤️
  14. Oooh Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: My scroll Forum name: Dragon-Firy Birthday: 24th August List: 1. CB Gold 2. 2nd gen Metal from Shadow Walker, please! I'd like a mate for Shadowed Snoopy (him) 3a. A 3rd gen, EG Pyralspite (any color is fine) as a mate for Inside I'm Gold EG (him) if possible, please :3 3b. 2nd gen Silverkin ridgewing, mate for Micro Snoopy (him) 4a. CB Vines are loved as always ❤️ 4b. Surprise me! (Even with a messy / inbred vine. Make my day <3) My favourite dragons are Vines (heh, that wasn't hard to guess!)
  15. Pineapples!!<3 *hugs pineapple* Another raffle, and another try again. y_y
  16. I, Dragon-Firy, swear that my Aegis' sprites won't change once they have had offspring. While Aegis Snoopy will remain pacified forever, Zinogre Snoopy will remain enraged forever. <3
  17. Awwwwww, I have a Kitten <3 And I got a present, whohoo ~ Thanks for the event!! <3
  18. The adult is so cool *-* ... But I see him as a fluffy Zinogre X3 *Monster Hunter fan ^^*
  19. Aaaw, so cute! ^w^ Andday complete!! The only thing I was worried about were those Mana beams.. luckily, they were harmless... Maybe.
  20. Yay, day complete! It took me a while to notice the 2nd Snowball..
  21. Using Firefox and doing as you wrote.. Refreshing the Bad Gateway.. And it worked!!!! Thank you so much! <3 Oh, I almost forgot.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE 8D
  22. Woo, thanks! At first, I thought I was mispelling my own name when I read about PERL (My name is "Perla" or "Pearl" in english ) it took a while to figure out where PERL was, yesterday. I also went all around the village to find that adorable cat. Sure, keeping Buffy was tempting.. But she is Ronin's friend. :3
  23. I have new Dragons! Forum name:Dragon-Firy New Frozen Hatchlings:Frozen Vine New Adult Dragons:None Link to Sign up Post:Here you go
  24. I have new Dragons! Forum name: Dragon-Firy New Frozen Hatchlings: Frozen Purple New Adult Dragons: None ^^ Link to Sign up Post:here