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Vine Army: 383 (send me unwanted ones! I'll give them a nice home!)


Go say Hi to Shadow Snoopy :3  and don't forget Sephiroth Pearl

My number one name: Snoopy <- Thank you LBD♥


Thank You, Sankom! ♥


Sometimes, I vanish into thin air and take a break, but I'll always reply to PMs :3



- I do breed on request. If I breed for free, don't trade away or kill / abandon my eggs/hatchies. 

- I accept IOUs, depending on the case.


Metal Lineages Trades & Requests are Open! Be patient please, they're picky. 

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    Hi :>


    From me:

    I owe Shadowdrake 24 hatchies - “Infinity hatchies” couples, as I call them (DC 13th birthday release, infinity gems theme)

    LAST UPDATE: 2/06/2019

    Transfer will be made for couples: 1 male; 1 female of the same color. Hatchie will be under 5d




    2/2 Red DONE
    2/2 Orange DONE (?)
    0/2 Yellow (Hatchies almost ready)
    1/2 Green - sending last hatchie
    2/2 Blue DONE
    2/2 Purple DONE


    2/2 Red DONE
    2/2 Orange DONE
    1/2 Almost ready
    2/2 Green DONE
    2/2 Purple DONE

    If you have any questions, please PM me! <3 I keep track of the codes privately.
    I'll catch and hatch without rush - If a hatchie happen to grow up on my scroll, it will NOT count. I'll re-catch it with no problem at all. I can understand when life or scroll lock gets in the way ~ Applies on a case by case basis :)