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  1. Have: 4G Holly x Black stair-step 3G Holly x White stair-step 4G Silver x 2008 Holiday checker Want: Anything! I don’t play on dragon cave anymore so this is just an easy way to get nice Hollies for people who don’t have any I like prize dragons, hollies, nicely bred rares, nicely bred checker boards, fun codes, and Neotropicals! PM me or send a trade: 3G Holly 4G Holly 4G Holiday 2008
  2. Out of 26 Nebulas bred I APed 16 Nebula eggs and one dorsal
  3. I haven't bred mine yet, I was waiting to see if anyone else would be interested So yeah it's definitely not too late to do it!!
  4. Paleontologist, mathmatician, or a writer. Now I want to major in accounting
  5. I think it would be pretty nice to try to do a coordinated Nebula massbreed seeing as the Perseids are happening right now
  6. Thank you for the offer, but I'm only looking for 2Gs right now.
  7. Hi! I really need 3 more 2Gs like this not related to this. I also am looking for a Nebula mate to this and a 2G Stone from Female Gold. PM to discuss
  8. I'm very locked right now, but I've been looking at lineages in the AP and I see some real beauties from harlequinraven. Hopefully next time you breed pretties I have space ETA: I did catch this cute Vine that alted!
  9. Three years later and I'm still bitter that these Geodes refused: Incompatible Brilliance Brilliant Incompatibility
  10. Are people finding them hard to catch? I caught one when they first dropped and have been hatchie locked ever since.
  11. I'm going to have to find a mate for this cutie
  12. So I guess we're celebrating Halloween early
  13. I just bred a White Stripe from Xeno: http://dragcave.net/lineage/zwOwO
  14. What the heck??? I don't use fertility a lot so I guess I never noticed. On my browser it pretty much loaded instantly, but I don't really like the setup for choosing a dragon. It just seems very difficult to find the needed dragon.
  15. I really like the idea mentioned earlier in the thread about having multiple scrolls connected to your main account for sorting purposes. As was said before this makes organization easier and lets people 'restart' if they want to. I know if that suggestion was implemented I would use it frequently for lineages projects, sorting messies vs. rares, etc.
  16. Hi! I'm looking for 2Gs like this for a lineage. Let me know if you can help Thank you in advance!! Also I have this to trade: 4G Silver x Yulebuck Checker hatchling (influenced properly) Want: Lineage swap, egg or hatchling or 4G Gold from Yulebuck checker. My title applies Other offers? PM or Make an offer!
  17. If we ban prize 'wants' people will just say "look at the purple line in my signature" just as they do with IOUs. I don't support this suggestion.
  18. I don't see the issue with just scrolling down the page?
  19. This little egg was offered as a dummy on an egg I was gifting and I couldn't bear to throw it back to the AP
  20. Just caught this beautiful hatchie! Thanks natayah
  21. Hi! My name is (Snowytoshi), and I'm a dragon hoarder Scroll Name and Link: Snowytoshi PM Link: PM Proof that you read the rules: Bunny What list(s) do you want to be on? Red and Neotropical Do you have a goal number of dragons you would like to shoot for, and if so how many do you already have? Reds: 31/294 Neotropicals: 411/∞ Other notes to say to your breeders: I may not always be able to take eggs and would love to get hatchlings if possible. Thank you in advance!