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  1. MUST HAVE SHINY REDDISH ONE. Thanks TJ, these are epic! (I have a feeling these are gonna be rare, because these are in any biome...)
  2. Red? Sparkles? Tail-fluff? THEY SHALL BELONG TO ME!!! Thanks, TJ, these are epic!
  3. I have them all the time... I'm 13 and they're always about the stupidest things... I had a really freaky strong one about bumping a purple balloon and another about accidentally whacking my brother with a ladder... I think that people who get deja vu are just somehow unlocking parts of their brain that no one has explored before, because average humans only actually use 10% of their brainpower on a daily basis.
  4. WHOA THAT'S A GOOD AMPHIPTERE I qualified for algebra in math in reality! YAY! And I just bred a black and recently a tan ridgewing <3
  5. Darn, almost got a pretty lilly egg... Darn...
  6. *starts chucking waffles at eveyone* YOU'VE BEEN EGGO'D LOL
  7. I have never had chickens, but I have always wanted some! The kind I want is a Golden Laced Wydonnete, good hens and pretty to look at. <3
  8. YESH! Just got a sweetheart off the AP! Can't wait for the new dragons!
  9. Darn, didn't win, maybe next year... Congrats to the winners! I'd really love a second gen, though... *hint hint wink wink* for a decent dragon... *hint hint wink wink*
  10. Happy New year! I kinda didn't post my house on yet, so here it is! http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Celebi112
  11. Got my two cuties :} They're so PRETTY!!!
  12. I received a gift Gift report: Wavelenghth -> Celebi112: egg Do I need to be removed? No Happy Halloween! I received a gift Gift report: CassiopiaVixen -> Celebi112: egg Do I need to be removed? Yes Happy Halloween! Thanks to both of ye! They will be treasured and loved! ~Celebi112
  13. I Would Like to be added to the lists! Forum ID:Celebi112 SCROLL LINK: My Scroll PROOF THAT I HAVE READ THE RULES:Water lilies COULD YOU GET ON THE SITE ON NOV. 3?IF SO, WHEN? no, i couldn't... IF NOT, WHEN IS TE EARLIEST YOU CAN GET ON? Today... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
  16. I AGREE COMPLETELY! I think there should be MLP FIM emicticons, they're just... awesome.
  17. I run into the problem a lot, only I'm the one who has too many eggs... It'd b nice to be notified and/or reminded "hey, you got too many eggs!" so that I can be accepted and not totally suck. So yeah, I support this!
  18. Your score: 26 Gender: Female Age range: 10-15 Best score for your gender and age range: 0 Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520