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  1. Thank you for your help! I'll just trade using the forums for now, if I need to, or just try again tomorrow. I think having a notification would be a good idea, since I thought it was broken. I appreciate you replying so quickly.
  2. No, I cancelled that one myself. I'd typed in the message I posted above but my stupid phone then automatically filled it in with my username (and luckily not my password); it thought I was trying to log in and "helped". I then set up another trade with the message I typed above (on a different device). It was a complete accident and was only up for a short amount of time. But thank you for the clarification! I won't use my phone next time.
  3. So, last night (twelve hours ago), I have a G2 copper egg that I'd bred in hopes of getting a CB egg I wanted. I've been on a two year hiatus, but decided to try the new trading hub since it seemed efficient. I wrote in the box: "H: G2 Copper, W: CB Blusang or CB Nebula, egg or hatchling' I wake up this morning, and the trade has been cancelled (for the second time that day, since I had also done a similar thing with a G2 Magma and just put 'offers' in the box). Most annoyingly, I had received FOUR offers before Dragon Cave had cancelled my trade (according to the little alerts thing). In addition, I abandoned the egg because it wouldn't let me do a new trade, despite the fact I had the Magis available, to the public trading hub. Is this a glitch, or did I do something wrong? Why did it cancel on me?
  4. I took this, thank you! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! CB Red Dorsal **please leave a message**
  5. Wow thank you so much! Since nobody wants to trade for this (and I don't like them): Offer a dummy (just so I don't have to do a new trade link.) Enjoy, Leximis! Sorry to the others who offered, they offered first.
  6. I took this, it's absolutely gorgeous! I'll try to continue the beautiful lineage.
  7. I took these two, thank you! Such lovely lineages.
  8. 2nd generation Red Fire Gem from Radiant Angel/Blue Fire Gem. Offer a dummy so I know where it goes please!
  9. Haha I didn't know they were rare (I did get an upside down one, thought it was a glitch) so I'll be gutted if the actual adult sprite is upside down... I abandoned mine so...
  10. Thank you for letting me know, Raptor of Dragons. Enjoy!
  11. They are all very cool. So far I don't have any of the volcano ones (I don't know what they are called, sorry) but I think they are all very well made. I've been trying to nab them, but someone was always faster so I'm going to wait for popularity to die down a little.
  12. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 2G Dark Myst Pygmy Please tell me if you got it.
  13. The ice is still here. And whoever took the copper, it was pretty rude to not tell me why you were...
  14. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Sort of messy but even gen, 3G Verdigris Copper Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 3G Ice from Ice x Purple Stair, first of my lineage and my experiment Please tell me if you've taken them, it takes a minute of your time. I'd prefer if you named but not required.
  15. My Super Long Wishlist Mates For Lineages This section was last updated on: 14th April 2019 For Checkers (Only need one) 2G Winter Magi from Gold Mother X Winter Magi Father 2G Purple Nebula from Tricolour Snow Angel Mother x Purple Nebula Father 2G Female White Stripe from a Wrapping-Wing Father x White Stripe Mother 2G Male Purple from a Purple Father x Ice Mother 2G Male Daydream from a Daydream Father x Rosebud Mother 2G Female Pink from a Pink Mother x Sweetling Father 3G Male Radiant Angels from Female Neotropicals x Male Radiant Angels 2G Male Water from a 09 Valentine Mother x Male Water 4G Female Shadow Walker from a Male Tsunami Wyvern x Female Shadow Walker Checker 3G Female Pillow from a Male Frilled x Female Pillow Checker 4G Female Celestial from a Male Kingcrowne x Female Celestial Checker 3G Female Moonstone from a Male Coastal Waverunner x Female Moonstone Checker Pairings Needed For Checkers 2G Male Moonstone from a Pink Mother x Moonstone Father 2G Female Pink from a Pink Mother x Moonstone Father 2G Male Neotropical from a Silver Mother x Neotropical Father 2G Female Silver from a Silver Mother x Neotropical Father 2G Male Coastal Waverunner from a Rosebud Mother x Coastal Waverunner Father 2G Female Rosebad from a Coastal Waverunner Father x Rosebud Mother 2G Male Silver from an Aria Mother x Silver Father 2G Female Aria from an Aria Mother x Silver Father 2G Male Albino from Albino Father x Royal Crimson Mother 2G Female Royal Crimson from Albino Father x Royal Crimson Mother 2G Male Pumpkin from Pygmy Mother x Pumpkin Father 2G Female Pygmy from Pygmy Mother x Pumpkin Father 2G Male Spotted Greenwing from Spotted Greenwing Father x Arsani Mother 2G Female Arsani from Spotted Greenwing Father x Arsani Mother 2G Male Red from Tricolour Snow Angel Mother x Red Father 2G Female White Snow Angel from Tricolour Snow Angel Mother x Red Father For Spirals or Stairs (Need multiple) CB Male Nhiostrife Wyvern CB Purple Nebula CB Male Thunder CB Blue Nebula CB Female Pygmy CB Reds (both genders) CB Female Blacks CB Female Terraes Mates for My PBs PB G2 BBW MALE PB G2 Brute FEMALE PB G2 Carmine Wyvern FEMALE PB G2 Crimson Flare Pygmy FEMALE PB G2 Gemshard (Blue) MALE PB G3 Lunar Herald (Gold) FEMALE PB G2 Monarch MALE PB G3 Blue Ridgewing MALE PB G2 Stripes (all colours but white - but both parents must be white striped) PB G2 Zyumorph (Coast) FEMALE PB G4 Alt. Dark Green FEMALE G2 Geode MALE G3 Shallow Water FEMALE (both parents must also be shallow waters) G2 Soulpeace FEMALE PB G2 Shadow Walker FEMALE as well as various CB and PB G2s - please inquire if you have any From Spriter's Alts Aim: to collect a descendant of all spriter's alts. Key: Own Aegis from Birdzgoboom's Alt. Aegis from Odeen's Alt. Arsani from Corteo's Alt. Arsani from Walker's Alt (Same breed) Caligene from Infini's Alt. Cavern Lurker from JOTB's Alt. Desipis from Birdzgoboom's Alt. Desipis from PieMaster's Alt. Grave from Aangs-sister's Alt. Heartseeker from LadyLyzar's Alt. Heartstealing from Aangs-sister's Alt. Mistletoe from Tikigurl91's Alt. Mistletoe from PieMaster's Alt. Mutamore from Cyradis4's Alt. Mutamore from Infinis' Alt. Pumpkin from Marrionetta's Alt. Radiant Angel from Birdzgoboom's Alt. Radiant Angel from Infinis' Alt. (I have a Kingcrowne) Ribbon Dancer from LadyLyzar's Alt. Rosebud from Dolphinsong's Alt. Rosebud from Nakase's Alt. Shadow Walker from Fiona BlueFire's Alt. Shadow Walker from Nakase's Alt. Shimmer Scale from Mysfytt's Alt. Snow Angel from the Spriter's Alt (there were various spriters) Solstice from the Spriter's Alt (there were various spriters) Sweetling from Kila's Alt. Sweetling from Nepherim's Alt. Tinsel from Marrionetta's Alt. Valentine 2009 from Marrionetta's Alt. Valentine 2009 from Sif's Alt. Winter Magi from Earthgirl's Alt. Witchlight from Odeen's Alt. Wrapping-Wing from Aangs-sister's Alt. Yulebuck from Marrionetta's Alt.