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NEED - CB Female Seawyrm Pygmies and CB Male Dark Myst Pygmies!

WILL BREED - Lots! See my profile for details!

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    Need Dark Myst Pygmy (M) X Seawyrm Pygmy (F) any generation including CB please PM me.

    Can breed SAkin (neat stair) from Caballo Marino (Valentine's Day)
    Can breed prizekins from: (neat) Arboriel Morchaint, Cochlea no240, Apollo, Gold Epica, Astromancy, Elladan of Imladris, (Snape), (messy) Tanoth the Dragon King, Alexandria Aurelix, Roreng WaffleWing, Abby's Christmas Star, Veeyanir Amor Silversparkle, Sorayiel's Golden Starwing, Fengol D'Hippo D'Orisaar, Tanmoku Keika, (skies), (Grimm), Se 7 en, Stargate Legends