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  1. These are, quite possibly, my new favorite Halloween dragon. Well done on the art, design, and concept. I love everything about it!
  2. Goodness trekwriter, all the best to you and your family! I hope that the business has been booming and your son is doing well. <3 (on topic - I hope that this halloween release will be NAL worthy. ^^)
  3. Yes, here here - happy to breed what past halloweens I can for tourists and residents alike. ^^ Thanks for the heads up Grammy! Now I can get my booty back in the game with time to prepare. ^^
  4. Too awesome Earth Gurl, will forever remember that quote now when I ever manage shamble back to this "game." Honestly though, tonight, I'm just going to "lol it to bed." Caught nothing. Not much else to say. -indifferent shrug of indifference- Be back tomorrow to misclick on spitfires and water horses! <3 Peace out.
  5. Will be announcing some new breeds into the Hopi tribe soon, I believe. ^^ In the meanwhile, please let me know if anyone has any requests I could assist with.
  6. And I was looking forward to one head being able to toss beads while the other devours a king cake vendor. -le sigh- Maybe next release. ^^
  7. Thank goodness for trading, and a couple of sound clicks. I never was a total fan of two-headed dragons but these guys are changing my mind.
  8. Both breeds are gorgeous! Just gorgeous!
  9. Well, I haven't been able to catch any opals but one ( hours into the intial drop ) - BUT - on the bright side, people are letting glories sit pretty for the picking, and I am happy to take them. ^^
  10. That mass drop is just perfect! It wasn't a cherry pick, but it wasn't impossible to get what was needed with a little effort. Which is what makes the game enjoyable, for me at least. Thank you very much for it TJ and spriters. While I appreciate two-headeds they never were my absolute favorite (drake girl here - all the way), yet I have to say the opals are making me fall in love with two headed breeds so far - and I am interested in seeing what the confused eggs are going to decide to be.
  11. This, x 1000 + 1. Thank you for mentioning it.
  12. Maybe a soulpeace? Either way, whatever it was - promise it wasn't a new release from 3 hours ago, they can't get tossed in the AP yet and when they do, they won't show for a few days. The first post has the egg sprites so you can put any concerns you had about the AP rogue to rest.
  13. There will be a few gifting threads opening up soon. Just check the trades section. As for the AP egg, you probably just saw a white dragon or a - whatever the salty ones were from the birthday release.
  14. Take comfort in the fact that you probably didn't refresh over it in the AP since they wouldn't be abandon-able yet - and all the eggs there are from a few days ago. Hopefully they *will* be found in the AP sooner or later, though. <3
  15. Regular eggs dropping too just before and after maintenance. The hunt continues.
  16. I am on your side in this. I really am. I am just going to go on the good guess that "you" is the general pronoun of "some people" put down others, because I certainly do not blame my inability to catch eggs like I would want to for the time I put in - on other players. I suspect it is for my crappy home system and short drops. The player base is growing, and the drops are getting smaller. It's like an ill fitting shoe on a toddler - there needs to be a little wiggle room to make a good fit. People are going to express frustration (for not getting eggs) as they do elation (when they get eggs each time when they're egg locked) - and when people in general express their displeasure in what other people do (whatever it is they do or don't do), that's when things get unnecessarily unpleasant. But this goes both ways. People don't like to be told they're whining when they're frustrated as much as others probably wouldn't appreciate to be told - any number of things when they are successful. I suppose it's easy for some to look poorly to locked scrolls, as others would on people who just can't be content to get nothing, or very little. It's like the old adage, don't blame the player, blame the game? I just think that with some minor tweaks, a great deal of people would go to bed, or work, or school, happy after these new releases. That's all. <3
  17. Here is an equally novel concept - you're not the first person to mention hoarders. So using quotes sparingly makes you look a little more informed.
  18. LOL I certainly don't care about "hoarders" - in fact, I want to be one on new releases too. That's MY play style. I am a player that wants to have something to show for the time I put into hunting eggs. Just like the people that put in time hunting eggs and actually get them. Boo Hoo? No. Boo Yeah? Yes.
  19. Yeah, none for me in that drop either, and it was a longer one too. Oh well...
  20. I wasn't exactly making reference to any one player more than general schools of thought here, (too busy trying to hunt lol) but to exemplify - for a good deal of people, they do not have a large window of opportunity to hunt - due to sleep, family, work, etc - and when that window closes, the egg may or may not be extremely hard, if not impossible, to come by. It's nice and easy to say "yeah come back tomorrow" but if most people felt that way, eggs would be sitting in the biomes waiting to be picked up for all that sudden apathetic, and care free hunting.
  21. I don't know, I wouldn't think an egg limit would be as beneficial as a longer, reliable, initial drop would. -shrugs- What becomes so frustrating is that there is just a small window of opportunity to "easily" (term to be used loosely) grab these eggs, rather than waiting the next day, or week, and having 5 - 55 people fighting for that one egg that shows up in between commons, etc. Hindsight and a locked scroll full of new releases yields 20/20 vision, I think. I also think it's very, VERY easy to judge others' frustration when you can see them clearly from atop a pile of eggs that locks your scroll. LOL Look, I'm happy people can lock their scrolls. I am not trying to suggest to rob Peter to pay Paul over here, horde, collect, whatever you want to call it - it's all fine by me. I am just saying that perhaps other people would also like to join in on the fun and maybe after an hour or three - get the eggs they want too? Yeah? I don't see too many "I don't have any eggs, but that's ok, that's what makes it FUN! \o/" posts....but I see a lot of those posts already from people who have their fill of eggs. lol I just think longer drops would even out the playing field - and actually make it a fair play. Chuck a rock at me or something for being a filthy, dirty, ungrateful player that patronizes this game.
  22. One egg out of a whole hour of trying? Honestly. This isn't "hunting" it's Bull[user edit]. But hey, cheers!
  23. Is is really difficult to reward *everyone* who shows up for releases with mass drops, and not just reward those with fast computers, connections, and scripts?
  24. Just about had it with the night, and the game, here. :/