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  1. Oh i like the decoration in your cave. Candy as little flowers I want that too.
  2. I can have 50 Items. But at the moment I just decoratet up to 40.
  3. Aww an Ember comes to visit my Dragon. ^^
  4. But metallic are hard to catch with slow internet. The only CB I have was a gift from you. I am still so happy tha you gifted one to me. My english sucks.
  5. Yay! I am a leo too. I like the new dragons but my Fave will be the Radiant Angels.
  6. its a bird. There are many various pheasants in the world. The pheasant in the meat section of the event is an common pheasant (Phasianus colchicus). Please correct me if I am wrong.
  7. Yes... oh sorry... hell this word... I did not think about it. In German it means bright. Ah sorry sorry sorry! And Thanks to Lefty for bringin it to me. Again Sorry!!! It was not my intention to be rude or something.
  8. Ah ok. I never "understand" people when they say German is scary or sound to loud. We can speak low/quiet too. I dont find the right words ... >///< oh well my english sucks...
  9. I like those caves. My one looks pretty boring aginst them.
  10. That Zuko code is great. My friend got an egg with the Code "Zofzo" and a other with "frUts". And a other friend got an egg with "SiduE" as code.
  11. They could mentioned this somewhere so I had the chance to take a jungle dragon.
  12. My best friend has a Radiant Angel in a Volcano cave. The cave is so pretty. I realy want to change scrolls with him
  13. Oh I wish I had a Jungle cave. My alpine cave looks ugly....
  14. Well my GW found first a Harvest Dragon now it was a Grave dragon. Even I changed nothing.
  15. Is this a Jungle or forest cave? It looks beautiful!
  16. Well my Golden Wyvern found a Harvest Dragon. She wants more sweets but I do not want to put more sweets in the cave. I dont like Harvest dragons. Sorry my poor GW. ;
  17. Yes I hope so too. But I didnt breed my dragon recntly so I am worried.
  18. Druck S-Abf on a (german) keyboard and then open it in Photoshop or paint.
  19. Same here! I have dragons with more than one mate but THIS Dragon has just his one female. Please no other females for him...