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  1. One the first page on TJ09 post it says "up to 50 treats" ? Where comes the 51 from? Was one more added?
  2. I have the same feeling. I do not want it for mobile phone. I do not know anything about this game and where to play it.
  3. Where could I play this? It is for mobile phone? DeviantArt spamms with art of undertale just like it did when a new FinalFantasy or MLP thing appered. It is not on my list of "I NEED to play this games" but I would like to try it out one day. (First need to play FF15 and Tales of Berseria and The Last Guardian!! QwQ )
  4. I voted for spread the virus because of the badge ~Removed~ I can say this event and the people on the fourm here teached me how to play minesweeper.
  5. I am not sure? On my page it looks 50/50 all the time.
  6. I won my very first game without help! Virus badge is mine now!
  7. OMG! Now it should hatch into a alien or slimey chickem
  8. @gigglymonkey I know that. I want mine to change. So I need to spread the virus. I did it last time, now I need to wait 10 minutes and then play (and win) again and spread the virus again and change my badge.
  9. Thank you all! I won! Now I need just one more time and I can get my virus badge rigth? (Last time I "voted" for cure.. but the badge does not look so nice as the virus one) sorry for my Englisch.
  10. I want the green badge could someone please help me out here? http://sta.sh/0wmsaed0vke
  11. It looks like the "marker" you tag the bombs/virus inthe minigame just better. here it is.
  12. THANK YOU ALL!!! I WON!!! under 2 was the other virus just let you know.
  13. http://sta.sh/0166iunrtiy1 could someone help me to win just one time? ;_;
  14. I love it. But I never got the logic behind the numbers and never win. But it is fun. strange logic.
  15. Changed back to the red version. I had problems in reading after some time. The old is better for reading.
  16. Zombies "every time"? YAY!!! This is so cool!
  17. The new dragon is nice but it will not be my fave. But it is realy fluffy. Thanks to the spriters!
  18. Oh these look great. I realy like the female sprite. These will be my second fave halloween dragons, right after the marrows. I think I will need some time to not forget their name. Thanks Infinis!