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  1. Yay got 4 of each now I am happy! The Small blue ones look so cute.
  2. Nice! I got 3 of each. I hope to get two pair of both breeds but for now I am happy. ^^
  3. Happy Holidays. A realy nice dragon!
  4. Sorry but for the montly raffle it says raise 3 adult "sea serpents" So now my 2 dump questions. How I raise dragons that are already adult?! And waht are sea serpents? I cant find them in DC wiki and they can not be selected in search for traiding. Sorry but I am confused. WIch breed is meant and I am sure raising them from egg to adult is what its meant, right?
  5. I love the new Halloweendragon. I will try to grab more next year.
  6. I like the bird like blue hatchie. If I can I will collect some more of those. The others look ok.
  7. I would love to have the chance to get the missing eggs fron the (past) event/s that would be cool! I got my last one just now. 54. I can go to bed. ^^
  8. Danke. Thanks. Oh then I still need one. LOL Off to get the last egg. ^^
  9. How many eggs can be collected? 54? Or was ist 52? I lost the number. ;_;
  10. This is the first time where I am not be able to get at least one CB of each released dragon. It is sad that useres with slow internet are always left behind. Bad release for me. But congrats to those who go one.
  11. How many flowers can be collected? Since some dragons icon get transcluent like there are no longer aviable.
  12. So no new eggs to hunt in the biomes at all? Great! =D
  13. With just the black and white egg there will be avery long way for me to summon something. .. =( I wish they were somewhat common or at least better to catch.
  14. My luck is gone. I am not able to even see a new egg! I hope they will not be rare or I am skewed... ;_;
  15. I have problems finding them. I just see the regular eggs not the new ones...
  16. Are the eggs still dropping? I did not find any in the the last 5 min drops... =(
  17. Gosh so many people in the biomes. just realised it is birthday time.