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homo_ludens.png 1wtkt8n.png 1pziozm.gif Many thanks to those who continue my lineages and give "Ludens" surname to my dragons' kids 🙂

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    CB Staterae Xenowyrm -- 1f,
    CB pink Sapphire -- 1m+1f,
    CB Aqua Gemshard -- 1m+2f,
    CB Citrine Gemshard -- 1f,
    CB Amethyst Gemshard -- 2m+2f;

    2 gen Equinox from male Bronze Tinsel & female Equinox (bloodswap if you want);

    2 gen Silver from male Silver & female Mistletoe;

    2 gen Equinox from male Gold & female Equinox;

    2 gen blue Alcedine Wyvern from male Silver & female blue Alcedine,
    2 gen Astaarus from male Silver & female Astaarus;

    2 gen brown Lunar Herald from male brown Lunar Herald & female Green Copper,
    2 gen Stratos from male Stratos & female Red Copper;

    2 gen Celestial from male Celestial & female Staterae Xenowyrm,
    2 gen Aso Xenowyrm from male pink Sapphire & female Aso Xeno;

    2 gen purple Nebula from male purple Nebula & female tan Ridgewing (gendered hatchling preferred),
    2 gen Albino from male Iratus Cantormaris (red) & female Albino,
    2 gen pink Alstroemeria Floret from male Lacula & female pink Alstroemeria Floret,
    2 gen brown Alcedine Wywern from male brown Alcedine & female purple Iris Floret,
    2 gen Albino from male Albino & female pink Alstroemeria Floret,
    2 gen Blacktip from male blue Alcedine Wyvern & female Blacktip;

    2 gen Nilia Pygmy from male Nilia & female Avea Pygmy,
    2 gen Dark Myst Pygmy from male Magelight Pygmy & female Dark Myst.

    Named parents only!

    You may also ask for bloodswap ;)


    CB Gold
    CB Silver
    CB Green Copper


    https://dragcave.net/group/134822 ;)