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  1. I, Faith_the_Vampire_Slayer, swear that my Aegis' sprites won't change once they have had offspring. I don't like the enraged Aegis sprite anyway, so this is an easy one to make.
  2. I've heard some weird sounds. Once I even heard the TARDIS materializing and sat there listening before I realized that it was my Dad watching Doctor Who downstairs.
  3. Oh, interesting. I wonder how well Peter'll carry a one-man episode. He's a great actor, so it should at least be fun to watch. Maybe it'll be somewhat like Listen in s8...but without Clara?
  4. Hmmm. I guess I never considered the whole Impossible Girl/souffle thing as anything more than some cutesy character 'quirk'. You guys are right, it does have more meaning and significance than that.
  5. Why is everybody so surprised that Clara hasn't used those words? She doesn't normally use them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember hearing her say either of those things at all through the entire 8th season, at least. Maybe not the 7th either. So why were you all expecting her to say them?
  6. Your Forum name: Faith_the_vampire_slayer Your Scroll name: The_Oncoming_Storm The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): vyXwq Egg type: Bronze Tinsel Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): (Don't know what updated is supposed to mean. I'm in EST already...) 9:58 PM EST Time of Death: 10:58 PM EST Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: Now it's 5:41 PM, and the egg has 0:0:0 EDIT: Egg hatched normal.
  7. Daena's anger is surprising. Watching the other woman, Lessa can't help but wonder what started this intense dislike. She can relate to a discomfort with being under another's thumb, but that's not what she senses rolling off Daena. As Sage puffs out his wings, daring Raptor to try again, the brown hatchling turns and trots back to her rider. Reaching down to scoop up her dragon, Lessa decides to be wary of her peers. What could be causing it she doesn't know. But she can sense something dark coming, the way an oncoming storm can be sensed before one sees it overhead. The odd thing i
  8. Watched The Magician's Apprentice last night. Did you guys know that BBC America released it (full episode!) on YouTube? I can't find it now for some reason, which could have something to do with what Roku gets vs. what browsers are allowed to access. But it was great! Don't wanna spoil anything, but I absolutely loved it.
  9. Lessa watches Raptor and Daena's hatchling as they start to make friends. The other hatchling's soft cooing sounds are clearly intriguing to Raptor, who immitates one, then squeaks excitedly and playfully tackles her new friend. Sage, Lessa hears Daena name the other hatchling. An interesting choice. Lessa knows the word, but she doesn't quite remember what it means. She racks her mind for a minute and then lets the matter go with a mental shrug. It'll come back to her later. A tendril of happiness flows through Lessa from Raptor as she tries to start a game of tag, racing back and f
  10. Very much so. My point is that it a, hurt my ears, and b made the female companions into steriotypical damsels in distress that the Doctor then rescues all the time. I'm not against the screaming, I'm just irritated that they couldn't find a better way to make the Doctor look all great and powerful. Women shouldn't have to be portrayed as weak so the male protagonist can show off and come majestically to their rescue, signature clothing flying in the wind.
  11. Lessa looks around, taking stock. The group is small, only three other young riders. Two other humans and an Urgal. Urgals are strange. Teirm is not the most diverse city in Alagaesia, despite its population and thriving trade businesses. Lessa can't remember seeing more than one Urgal before in her life. It occurs to her now that she hasn't wondered about that before. Then Ratha asks them all what temporary names they'll give their dragons. 'I don't know,' she muses. Her little hatchling's brown scales bring to mind no names, or at least, she admits to herself, no respectful na
  12. Ah, Sarah Jane. I enjoyed all the old!who companions, but I remember that they all seemed to scream too much, [especially] when it didn't fit their characters. Long story short, I rolled my eyes a lot when some alien would pop up and the companions started screaming.
  13. ^ Yeah, I remember seeing that headline in the news today. I love Clara, but I kinda think it's about time that she leaves. They sorta baited and switched too much in season 8. If they're gonna do that, then just let it go.
  14. Good point. That's not the defining factor of being kin. You can like your kintype, but it's something more, whether you're psychologically kin, coping!kin in some way or another, or spiritual.
  15. Sure, but even so it would technically count for the Doctor and the viewers as her coming back for ____ amount of episodes.
  16. A form of escapism? Not really for me. But then, I don't use my fictiontypes to help me cope with any mental illnesses. I'm not saying that coping!kin aren't equally as valid, because they are, I'm just saying that that's not the way I experience it. You may find a lot of the stuff I posted during the argument with Kestra15 to be helpful in explaining how fictionkin things work for me. But TL;DR is basically that the Doctor is a part of me, psychologically speaking. For example, the way my brain works (my thought processes) is INFP, the same as the Ninth doctor. But I identify as both him
  17. The little dragon chirps and stretches out its little head to nuzzle her arm. Reflexively, Lessa gasps and jerks her hand back. But she's just a moment too late; the tiny muzzle grazes her skin...harmlessly? Nothing happens. Instead of her skin burning like the weird mark on her palm, she just feels a slight warm radiating from the dragon's body. Perhaps the mark isn't from the dragon at all? She wonders. But that can't be right, because she knows the legends. A Shur'tugal's mark appears when their dragon first hatches for them. Oh. This hatchling is hers! At this realizati
  18. Why would one use a theoretical example? Because using someone in the actual thread, especially when you describe the group they are a part of as 'pretty grim and rather demon-esque', has the potential to offend them, as happened here. In any case, I will concede that I overreacted a little. But still, you can't deny that some of the language he used was anything but 'perfectly rational', as I just demonstrated. There was no reason for him to call fictionkin some of the things he did. In any case, the argument has wound down now. It's over. On my end, at least. I can't speak for Kestra.
  19. Oh really? Note the second sentence. You used me as an example. If you had been simply responding to a post on quantum physics, you would have used a theoretical example, or prefaced 'not an excuse to think you're Peter Capaldi' with 'not, for example, an excuse to think you're Peter Capaldi'. https://40.media.tumblr.com/585c4008bb15c73...43izo1_1280.png ~Linked for size~
  20. Yeah, you're right. I don't believe in something so intangible as a soul. What I believe in is mental processes, and that is the basis for my identification as fictionkin. Therefore what I urge you to ask yourself is this: why are you coming onto this thread to spew opinions about souls? And why did you target me when I did absolutely nothing to you? Because ultimately the truth is that you did not approach the topic in a polite way. You attacked me, belittled an entire group of people, and did so...simply to create drama, it seems. I would have gladly had a discussion with you over other
  21. I hope that's all...but I heard something about Kingston coming back for several episodes. So I mean, unless he's suddenly having tons of flashbacks about River, it's likely that she's coming back for a while. Even if it's only limited to a couple brief scenes per episode.
  22. Again, I did not 'choose' any of this. I have in no way laid claim to the Twelfth Doctor as solely mine. Nor have I said anything about souls, which seems to be the point of your arguments. This is not a soul thing! And for pity's sake, the Doctor is not the same as the actor playing him. That's like expecting someone to be a serial killer just because they ACTED as a serial killer in a show. Are you seriously suggesting that just because someone plays something in a TV show that they are partially a space cop, CSI consultant, serial killer, etc? I'm sure Peter (and most other actors!) enjoy t
  23. I understand your confusion. But again, I am not (and never have) said that I had his SOUL. I said I would explain further if you wanted. Well, here it is: I am psychologically kin with the Twelfth Doctor. And the Ninth, but I'll focus on the first for the purposes of this explanation. This means, in my case, that I have mental 'shifts' where I will literally look down and see one of their bodies where *mine* would ordinarily be. Never both doctors at the same time, yet, but brains are a bit odd and I will not say that that will never happen just because it has not happened yet. But getti
  24. I recognise that Quantum mechanics is in no way related to 'other universe' theories. But that's not the point. My point is that you seem a little bit too offended here? Maybe that's just me misreading your tone, and if so I appologize. Still, I feel that you could have phrased that a little bit better. Because some of us [me] do identify as the Twelfth Doctor, but I guarentee you I've never used magic, philosophy, religion, etc. to explain it. Identifying this way is how I describe some weird mental phenomena that I experience. If you want, I can go into more detail about this, but anyways...