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  1. The most awesome '09 valentine ever: lineage 4th gen checker with pinks. Any chance someone could (after valentines) find it an unrelated mate? <-- [i seem to remember being able to ask that here but if it's not ok then I'll edit it out] Also this 3rd gen sweetling x ribbon dancer checker is pretty nice.
  2. With the extra holiday dragons, think of the lineages I can make! It's going to be awesome to be able to continue these on my own.
  3. oh good, some time to catch up on the last couple of releases.
  4. A dropdown menu with predetermined responses would be great, but how do you deal with the situation where part of an offer is good but the rest is not what you want? How do you specify which part they should keep offering?
  5. Awaiting Moderation is still sitting there. Mods, you are the best. Here are his current comments: User Comments •Accept: A review dragon -H •Accept: Aw! Poor guy. --lw •Accept: Hehehe. Hope the mods see him quickly! •Accept: i don't want to reject him, but approve of him - •Accept: I feel his pain! •Accept: Aw this is really cute! •Accept: D'aww, I'd love to hug him now •Accept: Awie!!! *goes to dragon* Your so cute aren't you? *tickles and hugs* ~Tay •Accept: Nice Description (gives the hatchling an approval)~brair •Accept: •Accept: •Accept: •Accept: I'm tempted to Reject this as a joke due to the last sentence, but I can't bring myself to do that. ~D •Accept: I have a feeling that the mods will leave this description "Awaiting Moderation" forever just to spite the poor hatchling
  6. I've had perfect luck with the gendering of the new dragons and I didn't use influence even once.
  7. These look great with water-walkers. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Dcyu4 Probably one of my new favorite combinations.
  8. Boring descriptions? Your descriptions for the STDs were the best. I only realized the joke after I commented though, so I was kinda confused as to whether you were making an innuendo or not.
  9. More than 600 people in the coast- this is ridiculous. I'll just grab some in the morning.
  10. cool, a new coastal dragon. hahaha I am first. Bow before me.
  11. Worm-grunting Cascade Dancer Sunburst Lindwyrm Blossom Angels I'm glad I don't browse the completed section, otherwise I would have too big of a list to post here. (also I would feel bad that my requests don't compare to these.) These are ones I remember from before they were finished.
  12. Cool! Oh god I don't know if I have space for one of each. BUT I WILL TRY. Wow these are hard to catch. Got two so far, an orange and a green. I think Ill try trading to get the brown. (Unless I catch one next)
  13. Were they based on any actual existing species? (REDUNDANCY FTW!) Or was all the speculation just completely wrong?
  14. Yeah, I thought TJ froze S1's but I was wrong.
  15. No hatchling dimorphism though. I guess TJ doesn't freeze S1s. I was wrong about dimorphism, I think.
  16. Horses are actually vicious hunters. Which is kinda surprising, to me at least. I'd never really read their description.
  17. Hellfire x Horse. Of which I only have males. I'm screwed.
  18. I ONLY HAVE MALES OF THESE BREEDS! Looks like I'm at the mercy of everyone else for now.
  19. cool! Aww, they're breed-only. Hopefully I have the right thingies. Well, I only had males and couldn't breed my own, but someone was nice enough to gift me one. Thanks!
  20. EY. MY COOKIES. I got there first.
  21. I think they were actually called that at one point.
  22. The seasalloons or whatever they're called are a pretty cool concept. Shame they aren't completed, I'd love to see them released.
  23. Absolutely terrified over here. Those pixel eggs are horrifying.