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  1. I read the books, and I love them so much. My favorite is the second one, Catching Fire. The first was really good, which made me want to read the second, which was even better. The third was OK Suzanne Collins must be a very creative thinker, to think up this series. Especially in the second book, *SPOILER* where the arena was like a clock! Love the series, can't wait for the movie to come out! <3
  2. I'm waiting for someone to find Moonpaw on patrol in River, and for Stunning to wake up Adderpaw for training or somethin in Thunder
  3. Oh, and why is no one posting in the Rp? o_O?
  4. Snowfern is a pretty name And that's okay Stunning c:
  5. Stunning~ Kay It doesn't really matter when, as long as she has one, ya know?
  6. (Sorry I haven't been very active the past few days ^^; Reason in my signature~) Soft, dawn light filtered through the warrior's den in ThunderClan camp, dappling Ravensfrost's black and white fur. Letting out a yawn, she stretched her legs, clumps of moss clinging stubbornly to her pelt. She shook them off, and padded out of the cozy den. The rising sun lit up the camp. The black she-cat headed to the fresh-kill pile, choosing a small vole. She sat down near the warrior's den to eat it. (Oh, Adderpaw needs a mentor~ Will post with her when she has one. And for Moonpaw, I guess a pat
  7. (Shadow~ I think you'd just start roleplaying, right? And if you need any catching up, all the clans just came back from a gathering~) Moonpaw sat down in her nest of reeds and moss. Closing her eyes, she tried to get to sleep, but couldn't. She was still troubled by the night's events. The thing that troubled her the most was the rogues and how they spoke of StarClan so loosely. Moonpaw couldn't get that out of her mind. Shutting her eyes tight, she tried to drift into sleep, like she did when she was really tired after a day of training or searching for herbs. The medicine cat apprentic
  8. Shaking her head, Moonpaw looked at Bluepaw. "Thank you, Bluepaw. It's just... I thought I had something special with StarClan. Like a connection. I mean, I've tried countless times to contact them at the Moonpond. It just makes me so angry that the rogues will just talk about them like they're here, but they're not." Sighing, she said good night to Bluepaw, heading to her nest for a good night's sleep.
  9. Oh yeah. She needs a mentor If you're addressing me, sure c:
  10. Not at the moment. Maybe in a few day's time, like after she's assessed by a warrior, I guess :3
  11. Whoa, okay, okay Username: VanilleFF13 Name: Adderpaw Age: 12 Moons Gender: She-Cat Clan: ThunderClan Position: Apprentice Appearance: Adderpaw has a short brown coat with a lighter brown underbelly and chest fur. She also has darker brown stripes running down her back. Her eyes are a sparkling amber. Personality: Adderpaw is a typically average cat. She loves to hunt and battle, just like any other warrior apprentice. She cares for the queens and elders, and fulfills her duties cheerily, knowing one day she'll be a warrior and that all this was necessary for her to be a wa
  12. I agree with Stunning; Foxstar with her 'sss' is really creepy~ Hm. Dunno if I should make another character or not..~
  13. ((Stunning, mkay~)) Moonpaw jolted awake as Bluepaw rushed up to talk with her. Although she had been a bit tired, she was wide awake now. She nodded a few times at what Bluepaw said, the young apprentice seeming full of energy. Moonpaw started looking up at the stars, and down to her paws, trying to think of what to say without letting all her anger of the rogues out on Bluepaw. Finally, she managed to say a few things. "No. Those cats were definitely not sent by StarClan. StarClan...has abandoned us. Besides," she started, "as the warrior code says, a true warrior doesn't need to kill t
  14. ((It's like no one's interacting with my cats D: Sorry, just had to point that out...It's been bugging me ^^")) Moonpaw listened to what the other leader's said, although she barely comprehended what they said. Her mind was far away, focused on the rogues and how they spoke of StarClan. The moving of cats jolted her back to the present, and she followed her clan home. Longing for a long rest in the medicine cat's den, her paws were heavy and eyes starting flicker. She was tired, and it was obvious. This had been a long night for the medicine cat apprentice. Ravenfrost looked up at
  15. Shaking her head, Ravenfrost refused to listen to another word Eagle spoke. She kept her head down the rest of the time was was there and tried to close out all the noise around her. She smiled happily as the Gathering commenced. As Lionstar spoke of ThunderClan, Ravenfrost, among other ThunderClan warriors, cheered. Moonpaw couldn't believe how Eagle has spoke about StarClan as if they were right above their heads, amonst the stars. "That's fox dung!" she cursed under her breath. "StarClan has long since abondoned us. As medicine cat, I should know." Shaking her head furiously, she list
  16. Moonpaw let out a small cry of outrage. Facing the rogues that called themselves a 'Clan', she cried, "StarClan? How dare you speak of StarClan at a gathering!" she screeched. "StarClan has abandoned us! We haven't abandoned them!" Fire raged inside the medicine cat's blue eyes towards the rogues, but also towards StarClan. She had thought she had a connection with the stars, but then she learned the truth; that StarClan was no longer with them. For countless half-moons she tried to connect with them, regardless of what others said. Other RiverClan warriors moved closer to her, to try and calm
  17. Ok! Just wanted to make sure~ 'Cause it seems like every post of mine gets ninja'd
  18. Ravenfrost jerked her head around to spot the apprentice who called out, somewhat in shock, but also in curiosity. She strained her neck to see above the sea of cats, and soon spotted the tom. She recognized him as Oakpaw from RiverClan. Daring to speak, she stepped forward, her intentions well. "What if they are lying, and this apprentice speaks the truth?" she called out. She glanced slightly at the tom, studying him closely. He looked like he was indeed speaking the truth, or at least he believed he was. Moonpaw's eyes widened as she recognized the voice of the cat who called out. She
  19. In the RP, I keep getting 'ninja'd' and when I post, I gotta go and edit mine to match with the new post... This isn't a problem, right? ^^;
  20. Moonpaw listened to Lionstar speak, knowing what he spoke was the truth. She had heard stories about SkyClan, but not much. Maybe she would hear something about them here at the gathering, she thought. But wait, why had Lionstar spoke of StarClan? StarClan has abandoned us; I don't see any reason to speak of them now. Maybe it was because she was a medicine cat that she felt a twinge of anger and disdain towards StarClan. As the rogues stated themselves a Clan, Moonpaw spit at them a nasty hiss, not audible to any cats but those sitting close to her. These cats are not a Clan. They never will
  21. ((Thank you for recap So, I assume my cats are at the gathering too...? Oh, and I get confused on who's leader of which clan ^^")) Moonpaw had just remembered that that night there was a gathering. Forgetting about the herbs she needed, she ran along with the group of cats chosen to go to the gathering. As they reached the Moonpond, she looked around, surprised that they were the first ones there. As ThunderClan cats streamed in, she didn't seem to recognize any of the apprentices or warriors. "Well, I guess that's what you get when you're cooped up in the medicine cat's den all day," sh
  22. Algebra never ceaseds to amaxe me. Next poster type: I am the next poster, typing this.
  23. ((Hi! Just got accepted And recap would be helpful :3)) Ravenfrost woke up in the warrior's den in the familiar ThunderClan territory. Yawning, she stretched her sleek black legs and padded out, the sun shining through the trees, dappling her fur. Looking around, she padded towards the fresh-kill pile, choosing a small vole as her meal. Settling down to eat it, she purred before taking her first bite. Moonpaw sniffed through the den, the aroma of herbs wafting all around her. "Hmm...we're short on poppy seeds and marigold," she said with a sigh. "I'm glad we won't be needed the
  24. Racexar Close Next poster, please type- Please give me a cookie! Pwease!