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  1. My name is because "Dragonknight" was a bit overused... so i used "Dracoknight" as i love Dragons, and the Dragoons in Final Fantasy and "the legends of the dragoon"... i started using this name back in 2000/2001 and then google only found like 4 hits....( darn i am old! )
  2. Dragons, Art in general mostly Fantasy and steam punk....um yeah... i actually have tested drawing Cyber/Steam-punk dragons with varied results, my favorite is adding mech-parts and give the dragon a look of a Ork from Warhammer 40k. Rather, i used to be obsessed trying to figure it out.... too bad i have almost given up drawing lately
  3. Wolfenstein 3D and Dune 2... dont recall which i played first, but Wolfenstein was released first. Darn i am old...!
  4. Playing Rune Factory 3: a Fantasy harvest moon or something Also playing WoW/League of legend on the side ( alt-tab mania and multitask gaming ) also "Soul nomad & the world eaters" on the PS2
  5. Actually going to Cosplay "Lloyd" from Tales of Symphonia next Con if i can, i guess thats the only character i seen in quite a while that doesnt have "open" arenas in this costume ( like showing skin of their stomach like Luke from Tales of the Abyss ) Could have considered Chess or ( dont remember his name ) the summoner from the same game ( tales of pantasia ) However, playing ToS"2" lately, i still think its kinda wierd they magnified the personalities of the old cast....
  6. Crazy, i do wonder if you realize that different people might see symbolics differently depending on their experience. however, "knowing your game taste" is all well and good, but how about accepting others having other opinions? Still, this discussion is going nowhere. So i put up a rather "disturbing" boss: Last boss of Majoras Mask anyone? Also, what was the definition of "Disturbing" in this thread again?
  7. OH and by the way: Floormasters from Wind waker
  8. I would say "Jenova" from Final Fantasy 7 Her backstory is insane for a FF character Her first appearance scared the living *** out of me and i went "WTF is that!?" Also overall, her ability to still infulence her own living tissue is kind of disturbing if you actually think of it. Still, we have lots of bosses that can be a little "over-the-edge" But what kinda scares me is: what did the designer, their team, or the man/woman behind the idea is trying to say by this... In Earthbound i must say the boss was quite disturbing considering the symbolic, if you think of it as a ghost, you wont get scared, if you think of what it might symbol and what the heck the makers of the boss tried to tell with it. Visuals and Audio can scare you, The symbols, the background, the idea itself is what really frightens you.
  9. On the different platforms: PC: League of Legends PS2: Digital Devil Saga DS: Lunar Genesis
  10. I enjoyed KH2 more than the first, Also, i would rather play as Roxas than Sora in the 2nd one... I am not too "used" to a all-happy-no-worry guy like sora... But they made cloud and squall look badass Btw, i would look forward to a sequel