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  1. Woo, caught two orange and one of the tan and green for the 10 minute drop. These were surprisingly easier to catch than the last two since everyone is hunting in all the biomes instead of one.
  2. Thank god I collect hellfires but I only have a 2gen horse. Still got a new egg from them though. Can't wait to see what this looks like.
  3. I caught an extra four so if anyone hasn't gotten one of these eggs yet, feel free to pm me and I'll give you a pair :3
  4. WOO got myself 7 after closing about 80 windows. Whoever doesn't catch one by the time the next release is up, drop me a pm and I'll gift you one.
  5. Finally caught one! After I get my second, any extra catches are going to peeps who are having trouble :3
  6. I'll admit I'm not a lover of the soulpeace design and will horde the crimsons like no tomorrow. It is kind of a disappointing BSA considering I have no zombies nor would ever want to be rid of them. Well, at least I get the jolly of naming my glitterball "All I got was this useless BSA"
  7. My friend managed to catch one for me while I was at work On the upside for those who can't get the new release, there's plenty of good eggs to snag at the AP while people are scrambling to clear their scrolls for this new drop. That and the other biomes are less stalked.
  8. Gift Report: Helgri -> Tahki : Gold Egg Metallic received: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Xhagn
  9. Forum ID: TahkiBK Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/TahkiBK PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=184827 Proof that I read the rules: shiny happy people
  10. 35 out of 42 so far. I just had to take that nap after my morning class today lol.
  11. I've been trying for four days now to get a single gold. I think the only way I'm going to get one at this point is to trade. Curse you crappy internet in the city .
  12. I'd have to say my CB pillow. I've loved those dragons since I've joined and probably stalked the caves for two weeks trying to grab one. Of course I finally able to nab one while I'm procrastinating in my class when I should have been taking notes
  13. :3 Thanks and that's because she is.
  14. Tahki's Art Thread Welcome to my wonderful little art thread. It's empty right now because I'm too lazy tonight to make it all spiffy and organized. Rules: -Please don't use, copy, trace, or redistribute my artwork in any way. -Don't ask for requests (I stopped doing them a long time ago) -I do commissions but because these aren't my dragon designs, I'm iffy on taking DC stuff unless the original artist is okay with it -I demand cookies! The Arts! Quick sketch/speedpaint of my favorite dragon, Harper. Someday I will amass a Pillow and Sunsong army.
  15. I'm not good at reading lineage so I couldn't help my friend out with this one. He picked up an egg not that long ago and noticed that the two are in the line. Not sure if it would count as a Dorkface considering how huge/mess that lineage is. http://dragcave.net/lineage/U26qG