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  1. I rather doubt anyone with a holly is a lunatic.However, consider folks that have traded souls and such for a 2nd gen Holly and they just pop-up for everyone. That is more than just the original owners. Also, there are some that were prizes. I don't have one myself but I bartered for a 2nd gen as a gift. If they do, they do. It just kills the "specialness" of those original dragons. Like a Twilight Zone episode where a guy has tons of gold and a time machine. Turned out that gold was like iron in the future.
  2. Oh thank you SO much. I can stop refreshing and clearing cookies, etc. Now sitting to wait and see what those amazing eggs turn into....
  3. I thought there were 52 treats and I'm stuck at 50.
  4. I is the poor little cricket based on something? Bombing Jiminy and Cricky(Mulan's) seems a bit much. >_<
  5. Hey, time for treat collecting again already? I love those things. And take a hatchie trick or treating? Have to look into that. Sounds intriguing. Not a huge fan of the return of the old dragon eggs though. Unless it is once every 10 years or something. Still excited about new dragons but, hey, if I miss them, I can get them next year, and the year after.... (in a few months, maybe I will get a cave born Holly) Wondering why we bother breeding the old ones, by the way? It use to be to give folks a chance to get old ones.
  6. Ok, I'm late to the party. I see three types of dragons but only two types of egg. I have a friend I usually ask silly questions but they are out of town so..... A tip, perhaps? Thanks:D
  7. Love the feature and all the pending updates. One thing I think would be helpful, (and if it's been mentioned someplace, I didn't see it), is if the the group(s) the dragon is(are) in would show instead of "add to group" when viewing a dragon.
  8. So, can't collect eggs on a phone? Nothing shows. *sigh*
  9. Any gals into 4H? This eggie is for you!! Have a 4H GaL!! Gone, enjoy!
  10. I totally love that. I too am dragon chow.
  11. I honestly thought the code was Aug11 then looked again. Auq1l is pretty close, if you squint a bit... Claim my sort of dated eggie! Enjoy legofrodo12!
  12. Okay, I've tried about everything to "engage the horse" I even offered it a ring. It let me examine it but after that, nada. It's a fun game but it bugs me to skip bits.
  13. dtd

    Cool Codes

    Oh wow, loving this thread. I have a TON of code dragons. It will take a while to get them sorted but, in the mean time, I recently caught a SLaVE. I'd be happy to breed him with any other code. I recently bred him to LOGGiC.
  14. Look carefully, it has "eyes". Potato ;P:)
  15. I just had a fun lineage autoabandon. note the names of the parents and the vamp that bit the egg was VV liP. Of course it is long gone to the ap so someone had a nice catch. *sigh*
  16. Potato? I had a potato wander into my cave.
  17. Not at all, I'm honored. Thank you, jocosa & Syphoneira too.
  18. Still working on most of it but having fun with the sweetie birds in the middle. I love these build your own picture events.
  19. I have all my favorites now, thanks. I guess anything not grown by midnight just *poofs* out of existance?
  20. So, just wondering. If you plant a flower 2 hours before midnight, it's likely a waste of time? (since it won't grow up, I mean.) Love the flowers and messages, just wish I could have kept the garden.
  21. Where is the trading thread? I know I saw a link someplace but I've had no luck finding it in the last 15 minutes or so. I'm really going to miss the garden.
  22. Does anyone know if the glitch is fixed? I've seen posts both ways. I just hate to upgrade my fort and lose everything since I've grown quite fond it. "Dying" to try out the new colored snow.
  23. Wow, these are nice. I still have some playing around to do but I need more snow & sleep, not necessarily in that order. Unnamed Bastion