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  1. Have CB Holly with unique code (coyat) Coyote Want 2 CB Hollies, plenty happy to keep if I dont get the right offer offer here Also looking for these for my scroll goals 2 CB Yules 1 CB SA Willing to breed just about anything for these pm me
  2. Can someone pm me and let me know what i need to do for todays task? Thank you
  3. Does this "special badge and no other rewards" thing mean no prize dragons this year?
  4. ebis13

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    Thank you TJ for listening to the worries many had about the new timing and switching to a Saturday which is much more convenient for everyone!
  5. I love the howlers myself I like the spikey Evil look of them
  6. I liked it better the other way too Being on the east coast I am up till after midnight anyway on the weekends, it makes it harder on those half a world away though, who have school/work on a weekday because it will be a early Monday release for them. At least with the midnight releases, its a weekend for everyone. But still cant wait to see them Thank you TJ for letting us know <3
  7. Yay two headed's for my b-day thank you TJ and spriters <3
  8. My good friend Ziwaxian asked me to help her post her pic so here she is in all her lovelyness <3
  9. Woah k here goes hope I dont break the forums with this one Me 12 years ago on my wedding day 12 years and 4 kids later
  10. ebis13

    2013-05-05 - May Release

    Does that mean we will have 8 in ten days time, because 3 days after the event starts it will be time for junes new release june 2nd (my anniversary BTW)
  11. ebis13

    The name traders!

    Have speckle throated dragon names want nice offers i wont let them go easy dispeckler me star speckled banner speckled rotten speckle ed
  12. Well on my mission to get one of each type minimum the only things evading me now are the impossible CB Metals, I a few pretty lines and no CBs, but gave up hope long ago, because being on dial up by the time the page loads and i see it, its gone
  13. This christmas I would love a 6th EG holly <3
  14. After looking at all the scrolls of all those who requested help I see only 4 that need the new releases fieryblackrose, hoboflotovoto, mistycloud123, and shovedtbh. I will message the 4 of them with an offer of one egg first to reply will get it. If 3 of them reply today and I am able to catch one to replace the one i give, I will try to get at least one to all of them.
  15. I didnt loos3 power so if the thread remains i can be removed from the needing help part
  16. I might be affected by Hurricane Sandy! Forum Name: Ebis13 Scroll link:My scroll PM link: PM me Thank you for doing this I live in VA IDK if we will loose power or not but I will surely let you know if we dont! I would also offer to help catch if I dont but being on dial up, I cant promise anything in the event I dont loose power and I catch myself some, I would be happy to post a Im willing to help thing to Happy halloween everybody
  17. Because this is my first Halloween I don't have anything to breed but I am hoping to get lucky enough to find/catch some nice lined dragons from previous years, especially for Adorable pumpkins, definitely going to try zombiefying and attempt to squeeze in time on Halloween to try my luck on my dial up for some CB eggs of this years sprite. Good luck everybody and Happy Hunting and Happy Halloween <3
  18. I would like to thank some very special people who have helped me -Isirion, for the help collecting things for my scroll goals <3 I cant even begin to describe how grateful I am to you for all the help you have given me but I still say Ill get you back yet To these special people who helped me get my Gold Trophy in time for my birthday -BBIK -Natayah And of course for sharing your EPIC lineages with me -Stardust13 And for helping me make some VERY nice Seasonal lineages -Yuumei And for the help gathering my fave dragon (Nebs) -Princesskiara Thank you to Toofargone for all the help you gave me a total noob getting the things I wanted and needed when I first started for showing me the ropes of the game and for being a great mentor Thank you to Ziari for helping me to get the CBs and influence and incubate of what I needed to very nearly complete my 1 of each CB pair goal Thank you to Shadesofchaos for the VERY Beautiful short lineaged metallics I have on my scroll with out you all my golds would be ugly little things Thank you to those who have glomped me and traded with me thus far, there are just to many to name but know that I appreciate it!
  19. ebis13

    Glomp Gifting

    QAndais --> ebis13: 4th EG Red Eggsepted thank you QAndis <3 <3 <3
  20. ebis13

    Glomp Gifting

    Ebis13 ~~~~~> Plok Something with a purple Growth on its back and a code similar to their name Pending acceptance
  21. ebis13

    Glomp Gifting

    Ebis13~~> Yuumei This little thing thats 2 hot to touch and looking at its code knows what its needed for EGGCEPTED Enjoy <3 Muah ha ha ha ha ha
  22. ebis13

    Glomp Gifting

    Rockin' on ~~> Me Something Cute and Fluffy and Something Striped <3 thank you so much
  23. ebis13

    Glomp Gifting

    Ebis13~~~~> synditrix ~~~~> Something Shiney Accepted First Glomp Ever~~~
  24. I will take any unwanted Dragonbabies