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    hellooooo anyone stan Stray Kids here lol
  2. 💙 glad to hear it got worked out ^^
  3. I've seen both new releases multiple times today ^^'
  4. I know some people are a bit grumpy about having to re-search for eggs, but you have pretty much the whole day, mistakes do happen ^^' At least something more drastic didn't happen(like eggs getting deleted/losing dragons etc.)
  5. Grabbed 3 gusties from one of the five minute drops, looks to be nothing else dropping rn even on the hourly drops, guess I'll check back in in a little c :
  6. I'm pretty sure these will be my favorites out of this group release. They are just so... adorable and cute and I just want to squish them in a hug forever
  7. Oh no! I'm so late!!! What biomes? D:
  8. I got a turp through turpXsweetling The Egg
  9. Trying to catch more turpines since all mine hatched. Stuck on the iPad which is acting rather slow Well I'll be getting on the computer soon hopefully then ^^
  10. Just need one more... Got three and misclciked a Pygmy -.-' oh well. I didn't even see one in the hourly drop... o.e
  11. o.e only two eggs showed upp for the 7:10 release... At least for me. Well I'm off to school maybe I'll catch some more when I get home
  12. Ive only gotten one so far D: Is anyone else having trouble?
  13. Which biome? EDIT: by loooking at the biomes im guessing alpine by the numbers ^^' YAY NEW EGG RELEASE!
  14. ha ha when i was reading this an image of a 'virus' popped into my head. a really bright and flashing animation of laughing dinos saying APRIL FOOLS GOT YOU! in the email :3 lol random... and im sure TJ wouldn't send out any form of a virus...
  15. it just leads me to your dragon cave scroll
  16. Not sure really somewhere along the lines of page 38 i think the first person had it
  17. I would love for an invite... please :3 *sucpcious thought* is this another april fools joke? You got me on the dinos on your scroll one
  18. its for everything you do spazzattack No dino riding yea i chose random words.... but it works for practically anything. I think.
  19. Want an invite so bad... Nice prank TJ(if it was one)
  20. ~waits for an invite code~ this better not be a prank... I want the dinos very badly. I really do want to see the adults :3
  21. April fools day huh? Hope i get an invite :3
  22. Love the adults <3 so pretty! Mine just hatched
  23. I love the cards :3 i sent the arrow to the knee one to my friend who plays skyrim(kinda obsessed with it lol) and i bet shes going to be like WHO GAVE ME ARROW TO THE KNEE CARD lol... love making ppl happy love the new dragons!!! they look fabulous! D: TJ's dragons are sick again... lol they will pull though anyway
  24. love the new eggs! thanks TJ! I got both because my friend and I stayed up till midnight :3 the eggs look so pretty and so do the hatchlings... Thanks again! i love them!