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  1. the weirdest dream i've had : I was walking somewhere , i dont know where cause theres no background when suddently the ground disappeared ... I was falling and falling and falling but then the ground reappeared , i didnt really understand why... So i tryed to get back home, i couldn't see where home is cause theres no background and suddently the ground disappeared again and so it goes all the way ... THAT just was really really weird
  2. im not running for you dragon ... im cool , you see ?
  3. flitz is quite famous to me I only met him in games forum i will rate him 6/10
  4. hmm ... i thought my pizza killed him ... he ressurected!! Well then he died cause his dragon wanted some PIZZA
  5. flitz died because i threw a pizza by mistake (did i just kill an iron dragon with a pizza??)
  6. call a Laser from the aliens to get even more ice cream but...